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Greece: Improvements continue steadily
  • Greek police have stormed a metro train depot in the capital Athens, breaking up a sit-in by striking workers.

    The workers had been on the ninth successive day of strike action that has crippled the underground system.

    The conservative-led government used an emergency law to threaten the strikers with arrest unless they went back to work. It was not clear if the move would lead to transport resuming.

    Strikers are opposed to proposals which might see their salaries slashed.

    The operation took place shortly before 04:00 local time (02:00 GMT), with around 100 riot police officers entering the depot where workers had barricaded themselves in overnight.

    A police spokesman told the BBC three people were arrested and subsequently released. The area around the depot has now been cordoned off to prevent others from joining the strike.

    Bus drivers and railway workers were to join the strike on Friday. Transport unions say they will continue their action, raising the possibility that some could face arrest and criminal charges, with a prison sentence of up to five years.


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    Farmers protesting the revocation of their tax breaks and other changes in government policy under a troika-imposed austerity drive parked their tractors on key junctions of the Egnatia Highway in northern Greece on Friday.