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Anyone knows this power adapter?
  • I found this adapter... and I just can't recall what this was for. The label says 19V 3.42A output.

    It did fit into Z96 LED light's DC power, but Z96 accepts DC 5.6~16.8V. I didn't wanna take a chance of turning the power on.

    Anyone knows what this power adapter is for?


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  • It would help if you showed a bigger picture of the writing of the label side so that it is readable

    at a guess I would say a laptop(I'm an IT technician), pretty standard values nowadays for a lot of brands, Toshiba, Dell, HP.

    Just as well you didn't turn it on the light probably would have blown. 19V is well over 16.8V. The other thing to check for when hunting for a suitable adapter is the polarity of the plug. Most standard is centre tap/pole positive.

  • You are right! It's from my nettop. Thanks!