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Where to find the newest GH2 Patches?
  • I apologize I am a bit new to this, but I have been on personal-view for at least a few days, and I still cannot seem to find a topic for the newest patches, or a way to sort through and find them. Yes, I have seen stable patches, but all date before October 2012...are those the newest stable ones?

    Is there another site or page dedicated to simply listing any and all patches in order from newest to oldest or something like that?

    Is this the newest patch at the moment? Cluster v9 'DREWnet' 'Boom 4444 matrix.

    Where is the 244mb/s patch I am seeing in youtube/vimeo videos? Unfortunately some users didn't post the name of the hack. I have heard of patches bringing it to 280/290 mb/s..not sure if this is true or not, but where would I find these.

    I would like to test the highest bitrate patch, but i am having difficulty finding them. I am looking for the highest possible quality for some situations..even if it doesnt play back in camera..thats what my computer is here for (also, I started with film so this doesn't scare me as with film you can never play back what you recorded)

    ALSO, THANKS VITALY & DRIFTWOOD and everyone for everything. If I make some money in the near future I will donate! I am broke atm..



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  • I'm going to guess 82 people have ignored you on purpose? The Categories section on the right side might be a good place to start?

    sorry, had a dyslexic moment

  • what patch more stable of all?

  • Read the first few posts in each of the topics here:

    That should give you a quick impression of the most popular patches. There are no many new patches right now, only Nick Driftwood seems to be still interested in exploring GH2's potential, most of other people just wait for the GH3 hack to come. The same thing happened to the GH1 when the GH2 got in the stores.... got forgotten too quickly. Well, we seem to be just part of the consumer society :-/