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GH3 Multiple Exposure - An opportunity missed
  • The multi exposure feature of the GH3 is causing me some grief at the moment. The manual suggests that you can take a RAW image on the card and use it as the starting point for a multiple exposure when using the 'overlay' setting, but I just get a 'Cannot merge using this photo' message. If you start a multi exp with overlay off and exit after the first shot, then this image can be used with the overlay setting, but will not write to the card at the end of the sequence, requiring the camera to be turned off and on again to clear.

    I thought this worked okay when I first tried it, but I've had no joy since. Anyone else experienced this problem?

    I don't actually want to create a multi exp, I simply want to use the overlay to align individual shots to create tracking movements of larger objects like buildings. This is where I think Panasonic missed an opportunity, with what would make a useful creative feature.

    If there was an onion skinning preview that just engaged an overlay with the previously taken shot, it would open up some really interesting opportunities.

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  • that would be a really nice feature to have. I dont think we will be seeing it anytime soon on a consumer cam though.

  • If the overlay worked as described in the manual, it is possible to do this, albeit in a slightly more long winded way, by exiting at shot one after you have positioned the camera for the next shot.

    I just can't work out why it won't let me select a RAW image from the card.

    Perhaps someone could try this on their GH3?

  • Works like a charm here, also with RAW. Select "JPEG", "RAW" or "JPEG + RAW". Go to "Multi exp." and have "Auto Gain" and "Overlay" off. Klick "Start" and take a picture. Klick "Next" and take another picture. Then you can take either more pictures with "Next", start all over with "Retake" or you klick "Exit" and then the pictures will be merged. All works fine here with my GH3.

  • @AKED - Mine works with overlay off, but it's the ability to select an existing RAW image from the card with overlay on that interests me. This is where I'm struggling to 'Set' the first image, and at which point I get the 'Cannot merge using this photo' message.

    Could you try it with overlay on AKED?

  • @andy4nothin the multi exposure overlay works for all of the RAW settings, single RAW, RAW with small jpg, and Raw with large jpg. If you try to create a multi exposure overlay using either a video file or a jpg small or large by navigating to the images on the card and pressing the set button, the message "Cannot merge using this photo" appears. I hope this helps :)

  • I just can't see where I'm going wrong, guys!

    If I take the first RAW image in multi exp then exit, I can subsequently use it as the first image after turning overlay on.

    But if I take a RAW shot, taken normally, outside of the multi exp menu and then attempt to select that as my first image I get the 'Cannot merge using this photo' message.

    I've tried a fresh card to no avail and looked through the settings for any potential problems. I could've sworn I used this a couple of days ago, but I'm beginning to think I dream't it!

    @matthere - Are you able to select a previously shot RAW image (captured normally - outside of multi exp) and set it as the first image with overlay on?

  • @andy4nothin I can confirm that a RAW file (taken outside of multi exposure) can be selected and used for multi exposure with overlay on.. It might be worth testing out a few variables.. I'm in Manual mode, iOS 200, manual lens, large 16:9... Can't think what the differences could be? Have you considered the reset button? Good Luck!

  • The good news is - I've got it working. Bad news is - I haven't a clue how!

    Reset it to factory and works as it should (and clearly did).

    Will be interesting to see if it occurs again.

    I may test it out tomorrow, weather permitting.

    Thanks all.

  • It works here with RAW, not with JPEG. If you take a RAW outside of multi exp., you can use it for merging a JEPG not..

  • @andy4nothin

    If you take it with an ISO value above ISO 1600 it won't work. That is probably the answer.

  • @andy4nothing

    A few years late mate, but I've seem to find the way on my Panasonic LX-100. Whenever I tried to use the Multiple Exposure it seemed like just some of all the pictures I took were able to be merged, so I started trying to change each and every setting, from profile, to focus, quality, iDynamic, etc. But nothing worked until I change my ISO setting to above 200. (Not even in 126 nor in 160, if you set your ISO increments to 1/3). This is funny because in both the auto ISO and the Intelligent ISO modes it seems the minimum ISO is 200, I guess this is the cameras Native ISO?

    Anyway once I set my ISO to 200 or above it always works, no matter what other setting I use or change.

    Greetings ✌