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how to color calibrate TV for monitor?
  • Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, or already been answered. I have a nvidia graphics card and I know I can adjust the settings via it's software, and I know I can adjust TV colors from inside it's settings, but.....

    Is software made for this type of thing to get it dialed in perfect, or is their any kind of recipe list of suggestions online, or should I just rely on what looks best to me? I don't want to spend a lot of time grading something to have it look completely different on other screens. I didn't really know what I would think about using a TV as a monitor to edit with, but I actually like it a lot because it gives me a way better idea of how the footage would somewhat appear on other TVs.

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  • I did it with a radeon card. thru hdmi out. And did practicly have the exact same colors as my monitor. Make sure you have srgb selected for the tv. i just used the software that comes with the card (catalist)... And did check it with sony vegas pro 10 and 12. Just put the preview screen between both monitors so each show a half off it.

    ps, both are lcd screens, and from philips. tv screen looks a bit brighter...

  • unfortunately my TV doesn't have an option for sRGB lol

  • I used the Spyder3 sensor to calibrate my HDTV monitor, and the results are a good match to my NEC PA271W monitor, which is calibrated with the NEC SpectraSensor Pro. The difference between the two is that the NEC has internal 14-bit color lookup tables (which calibrate the monitor independent of the graphics card or software color management), while the HDTV has internal RGB balance and gamma settings.

    In both cases, I chose to calibrate the monitors to physically approximate an ideal sRGB/Rec. 709 monitor. This allows me to use them with both ICC color-managed and unmanaged applications with minimal color shift between them. NLE's like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Studio, and Avid Media Composer do not have color management and need either calibrated Rec. 709 monitors or graphics card calibration for each monitor. For precise color correction, I use Adobe After Effects, which can be configured to use ICC color-management for all sources and outputs.

    Here's a link to an in-depth background on color calibration, primarily from a photographic color proofing perspective:,d.cGE

  • Spit SMPTE color bars out of fcp to your tv or load them from a playstation, usb etc. This is the proper way to calibrate a field monitor, not a computer display but it works on tv's too.

  • I've still got a CRT but that monitor setup link is pretty outdated. Modern TVs are more like our computer monitors, if not functionally equivalent, than what that setup was designed to calibrate by the looks of it.