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GH3 VF Solution
  • I mentioned I was talking to the Hoodman people trying to come up with a solution for a VF to fit the new camera. They were unable to get one to do tests, so I was giving them measurements and I came up with a thought.

    So I ordered another HoodLoupe and HoodMag for a whopping $120 and I was right. All you need is the Manfrotto 501PL QR plate and you're all set - that's it.

    The extended 501 and the existing EVF create a perfect compression fit - I mean better than any system out there, and we've got most of them. When I first measured the camera I realized that the little ridge to the left of the screen should make a perfect stop and it did (although it doesn't need it.)

    It's perfectly light leakless (hey, a new word) and fits snug as if it were part of the GH3. It weighs nothing and costs just a little more than that.

    I noticed that the new version of the HoodLoupe is a tighter diopter and eyecup than the other couple we have which is great. I mentioned the other day that I thought it was optically equal to the Z-Finder Pro. It's not quite, but it's really good and clear and 3x mag. For a hundred bucks or so, it's a silly good fit.


    640 x 397 - 41K
    640 x 379 - 46K
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  • Thanks for post your solution . Too bad for me with my 200pl14 plates he he ...dont intend to buy another set and others heads ... I am searching for a solution to my upcoming GH3 . Find this : But , it lacks a diopter . I am afraid because of it .

  • Yes, without the diopter it doesn't work for me either. The Hoodloupe is working great t hough.