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Peculiar and organic bokeh
  • I recently saw this movie, well, before we talk about what interests me, I will tell you that the movie is not sold as a cross by David Lynch Juno or Donnie Darko light version, ends up being a teen movie without depth on the issues concerned, but well done and it shows the intention, but no more. Anyway if you have time can see it. The movie is 'Daydream Nation'

    Well, my curiosity comes with the following, the photo has a very delicate and accomplished, at times presents a bokeh that at least do not remember seeing, looks like it has a texture full of holes, in old optics is somewhat distantly by stings like lens, but here seems very natural. The camera used was a CineAlta with Cooke S4 lenses worth a fortune. Remember something similar or some bokeh lens that achieves that?


    1280 x 720 - 500K
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  • If you like the "sawblade" or "gear" outer shape of the Cookes, the Zeiss Contax still primes (AE version only) stopped down one or two steps to show their "Ninja" shape might be for you. I think you can spot them in "Moonlight Kingdom". But the texture is stronger than I've seen even from from Coookes, maybe some netting?

    To my eyes not really organic, a bit funky and distracting, though. But I haven't seen the movie, might support it's message.

  • I've had a go at usual bokeh ... this is supposed to be a butterfly:

  • The specs inside the bokeh seems to be from some kind of (diffusion) filter..

  • Thank you all for the comments.

    @nomad, the strange case is in that movie, when was circular bokeh did not look that porosity.

    @andyharris, that bokeh butterfly I think inst the lens, I read that you can get various geometric shapes by drawing them into a carton, cutting it and adjusting it against the lens. Also sell decorative kits for them.

  • Could that bokeh in the first pictures be from a net glued on the back of the lens?

  • That was my assumption. Maybe even ladies stockings.