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Interesting review of the Leica M9
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    We all know that Leica has an awesome name as a primary camera for image quality, but in this review, some aspects of the shooting workflow were not considered ideal.

    Criticisms include lack of autofocus and poor ISO performance, although it's great for street and landscape shots. The lens of course is superb.

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  • And here's a review of six months with the Leica M (Monochrom) camera.

    Looks like a winner in its niche. Expensive, yet awesome.

  • Written by someone who barely used the camera and does not seem to understand it. To understand it you have to use it for months and be aware of its best use. It is not good for close ups, SLRs have always been better in close; nor it good for telephoto work. You must understand focus and depth of field as it is you that make that decision. It is expensive, too expensive for me anymore, and the current lenses are really expensive. You can mount almost and lens ever made for a Leica and some of the older ones are really quite good and far less expensive.

    I am certainly not saying the Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR is not a good camera. It is, but for $3,500 US it better be. Still it is a different camera and each one has its strengths.