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Recommend Me a Camera
  • I'm obviously considering the GH2, because of the amazing detail. However, as an all-around camera, I've heard it struggles with low-light and photography. It also doesn't have nice features like focus peaking, zebra, and picture styles.

    Is it worth waiting for new cameras at CES and CP+? Or maybe there are some other recent cameras which might be the GH2 Killer... OM-D E-M5 anyone?

    So, for a budget student who's going for the film look, what's your advice for the best all-around camera, which is not only capable of amazing video, but helps the user get the most out of it?

    Peace and Love, Alex Fischer

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  • If the GH2 can take amazing video, shouldn't it also be able to take amazing photos? I've heard negatively about that. There's also the NEX-5/6/7 line-up...

  • If the difference between quality more dramatic between amazing video and fair photos on GH2, or the amazing photos on the NEX and OMD, but fair video.

    Obviously, the people on these forums are very OCD and pixel-peepers, so tell me. Is the Amazing Video on the GH2 really that good? Like, people are swearing by it! Like comparatively, is there a huge difference with the video on the GH2?

  • @Alex2Fischer Yes, the GH2 is the real deal when it comes to getting the film look. It's on sale now for $499 until 12/31(body only). Nothing comes close for the price. You can get lenses cheaply (~$100 for a Panasonic 14-42 auto focus, and tons of vintage lenses that work with this camera, plus you can use canon, nikon, rokinon and other lenses with adapters)

    Another great thing is all the special settings that have been created by some very intelligent and very creative people on this website. The different settings have different types of looks, many of them film looks.

    Get this camera - you wont regret it.

    For stills, most people recommend shooting RAW.

    And if you're a student, maybe check out Adobe Creative Cloud. You get almost all the Adobe programs (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and ~15 others). I think they have special for $30/month for students.Special may also be til end of year. ($50/month for non-students)

    GH2 + settings + good editing environment( like Adobe Creative Cloud)=VERY powerful filmmaking capacity.

    Trust me, I was in your shoes 8 months ago. I found this website, got my GH2, and I love it.

    Trust me - get this camera - you wont regret it.

  • Your choice depends on your desired features, your priorities for each feature, and your budget. I suggest you write down your desired features and group them into 3 categories: Must have, Really nice to have but might compromise, and Nice but I can live without them.

    Then figure out which camera matches up to your list and is best for you. Obviously, most of us here shoot GH2 cameras and we have our biases :) In fact, I have twice the bias since I own two GH2s! No regrets.

  • Thanks for your help, guys. I think I'll go for the GH2.

  • The GH2 is tremendous for video, but not for photo, but if you combine it with good optics can take advantage. I miss better than stills, but I think if you can buy a Zuiko 45mm 1.8 or Panaleica 25mm 1.4 can get good results in both sections. Although only for its video quality compensates the investment and more based on the current price, believe me, that for that price there better for video camera, you can even give the result of some cameras that cost up to 10 times.

  • @Alex2Fisher

    Check out Shian Storm's End of World Test shoot in which he placed a hacked GH2 alongside GH3, Canon Mk 3 and Blackmagic Camera. See how the GH2 fares against the other more expensive cameras, and then decide if it's good enough for your needs.

    click here:

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