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Dyrafjordur Trailer, A documentary shot in Iceland
  • A feature length documentary on life in Dyrafjordur, a beautiful and remote region in the West Fjords of Iceland.

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  • Looks great

  • Nice nice. I stayed with Woter and Sille of the coffe house there last spring. My GH1 died in the fog on the fjord :)

  • @matt_gh2 @arnafjodur Thank you!

    I worked at Simbahollin while I filmed the doc, its a magical area, bummer about your camera!

  • I like it. It brings back wonderful memories for me of the 13 months I lived in Eyjafjordur, near Akureyri durring 2008-2009. I miss Iceland. I wish I had found the time to see the West Fjords - I guess I'll have to go back some day.

  • Great imagery! I don't suppose there is a 1080p version of the trailer for download? ;)

  • Ah very nice. Great job, and seems lucky with all the sunny days..

  • @crazypete Awesome, how were you able to stay for that long?

    @pundit I could upload a 1080p file to my website, I will post a link here when I do!

    @rumi thank you, I was there for 6 weeks during summer, June-July, and the fjord is know for its good weather.

  • @Imagitoriam Cheers! Looks great!

  • I really seem to have a strong desire to go to Iceland. Great shots and subjects.

  • @Imagitoriam I was extremely lucky. There was a graduate school for "Renewable Energy Science" in Akureyri that opened in Feb 2008 and graduated 3 classes of Masters degree students. I was in the first class and on a full scholarship. The funding structure for the school had been agreed upon during the banking boom in Iceland; then the "crisis" came in 2008 and that pretty much scuttled the long term plans. I'm amazed they managed to keep it going for the 3 years that they did.

  • @pundit thanks!

    @Bueller Its a beautiful rugged landscape, you wont leave the same!

    @CrazyPete That is awesome and very lucky indeed, you made it just in time, they certainly have an edge on the world when it comes to renewable energy. Thank you for studying something that makes sense!