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iLok Thread / Rant / Alternative (?)
  • So I have a legitimate, registered version of pro tools 10 with my license on an iLok USB stick. I'm traveling for a few days over the holidays, and hope to finalize a sound mix on my laptop--I bring my hard drive, my nice headphones, and my alphatrack fader BUT I forgot my f##king iLok! So now I can't do any work over the next couple days. It's not worth it to report it lost, because then it looks like I have to pay another $50 for a stupid iLok stick!

    Anyone have similar experiences or know of a way to get around this problem without paying for another iLok?

    The whole iLok system seems very stupid!!!

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  • ilok - ahh the joy - if you can find an ilok in a store/friend I've stumbled upon the fact that PT 10.0.2/3 does not recheck the ilok after you've booted into the prog - so if you dont relog/sleep you can keep using it :) Other than that Im afraid it's down the shop for another ilok and register on your ilok account and transfer your spare license to it sadly mate.

  • What do you mean? Are you saying IF I had pro tools running on my laptop prior to leaving my home, closed the laptop without shutting down protools, forgotten the iLok, but then used a different iLOK when I opened my laptop it would work?

    Irrespective, Avid seriously needs to ditch iLOK--it's actually making want to get a pirated version of pro tools despite the fact that I paid for it! It's so nonsensical!

  • After version 11 its all Media Composer so it'll be gone by then :)

    Any ilok with a PT 10 license on it will boot your pro tools - what i noticed is, I was working - popped the ilok out - opened my mac later and the session still ran without the ilok in - worked a few times before on previous versions of PT and on 10.0.2 seems to also for some reason.

  • Ok that clarifies it.

    What do u mean its all media composer after pt11?