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Hot/Stuck/Dead Green Pixel in Video Footage
  • I'm hoping someone has some knowledge on this problem and hopefully a solution. I've got a "green dot" appearing in all my video footage. It's in the same location and doesn't move. It's not always visible, but when panning, I'll see it if it goes over certain types of colors, focus, etc. There's also another gray/translucent dot. I've eliminated the following possible causes (different SD Cards, with or without Hack, different Lens, & different Monitor footage is viewed on.)

    So I guess this is what is called a "Hot Pixel"?

    How do I fix this? Thanks.

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  • I think there is no solution to fix it in camera - as it really sounds like a hardware problem. But you can load your projects in something like After Effects and replace that pixel always with one of its neighbours (or for best results, take all 8 pixels around it and replace the pixel by there average).

    If you are lazy, just make small blur effect 2-3 pixel diameter in that location.

  • gh2 have an item in menu called pixel refresh. give it a try.

    Also you can do a research in google using these words: stuck pixel plugin and you will see many interesting results

    I found this (but there are other stuff on google search results):

  • @apefos When doing Pixel Refesh, should I have the body cap on? (Or a lens?) and does the camera have to be at any particular settings (for ISO or anything else)? Thanks

    @Pysco Thanks

  • Hi, I don't know how to answer this. I never needed to use the pixel refresh feature, I just know it exists. Take a look at the instruction manual.

  • I checked manual. No details given. I would guess it's with body cap on. I'll call Panasonic and ask them.