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Broadcast Industry Acceptance. of GH Cameras
  • In a much belated review, the GH2 finally gets presented in TV Technology Magazine.

    Until recently, the field has been absolutely ruled by Canon and Nikon, companies who broke the ground for hybrid cameras and acquisition.

    How can such old news become news? Simply because it's an example of how the GH2 series can slip into independent use right under the radar of Industry.

    Thanks anyway to writer Michael Hamish, especially for the plug. But the industry still gets the wooden spoon.

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  • Particularly if you add a Ninja and shoot ProRes HQ the image quality is more than adequate for any broadcast criteria. Easily outperforms the likes of EX1/3...which is BBC sanctioned (whatever the f**** that really means).

    I nearly retired my hacked GH2's the other day until I did a few tests with the Ninja (which I bought for the D800's). Very nice surprise at the IQ improvement over even the best internal/hack codec settings...and ProRes even at 220mbps is actually easier on Edius than was AVCHD @ 100mbps. A lot less noise and visible compression artifacting. If you've been mulling about getting a Ninja for the GH2 I can unequivocally now say it's worth it, especially if broadcast release is the intention.

    There's been a lot of bullshit and misinformation spread on the usefulness of the Ninja (e.g. the f-stoppers crap on YouTube). Ignore that and try testing for yourself.

    Happy to say I'm keeping my dear old GH2's for broadcast projects after all!

  • @GH2UW Like most, I dismissed GH2+ recorders when reports of the crippling of hdmi were reported? What are you using to defeat it? Is avsynth still the only method?

  • @brianluce I'm using Pal 25P which goes to the Ninja 2 as a PsF with absolutely no issues (even the Red channel looks perfect to me despite some discussion I've read concerning artifacts). Only thing (unlike D800) GH2 needs to be started first and then the Ninja. But unlike the D800 this way you get video sent to the SD card as well. No need for avsynth unless using the red channel correction script...haven't bothered with this myself. I'm now getting the best IQ I've ever seen out of my GH2's.

    I really urge you to try the Ninja with the GH2. The IQ improvement is subtle (and probably wouldn't show up too well on Vimeo) but it's definitely visible when comparing the Ninja ProRes HQ image with the simaltaneous SD card recording.

    I also believe that the latest firmware on the Ninja 2 can also handle NTSC pulldown issues, but I haven't tried this myself.