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GH3 Issues Topic
  • Hi,

    I just received my GH3 from Samys and my FN4 button does not work. I'm think it might be a rare case but since I live abroad and it took two weeks to get it from the US it is pretty annoying. I can still go back in the menu by using the touch screen but it is quit inconvenient.

    My question: Did anyone ever came across such an issue with any other DSLR? Is it possible to repair it locally (cheap?) I am not a technician but I am guessing it is either the wiring or a lose contact. So I would like to avoid sending it back/or sending it in to Panasonic for repair. Also: If there is no other solution and I have to send it to panasonic, what are the usual repair times? any experience?

    Any advise? Thanks in advance!


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  • @vaitor

    I suggest to try local servic center.

  • gh3 evf problems?

  • @ehmeddie - Yes! I am finding the same poor GH3 EVF results as many seem to have (i.e @RRRR & @MattRobertson7). I do wonder if it is some sort of factory mistake. Has anybody contacted Panasonic about this? Like @RRRR, I am 100% unable to focus via my EVF. It's almost a constant "blur".

  • I will be sending mine to Panasonic Service next week to fix the flash and the EVF. I can live with the EVF issue. However, the flash issue is a big one. It always thinks the flash is open so it always tries to fire it and not let the shutter speed go faster than 1/160th.

  • I've dealt with the McAllen service center for my GH2 before. Sent the unit on 29 Oct 2012 and received back on 19 Nov 2012.

  • I think the quality of the EVF is inconsistent, I went to a shop today to check, and the GH3 exposed had no issue (and I wear glasses). My problem now is that I'd prefer order the GH3 from another shop that sell the GH3 200€ less than the one shop I went to, and they don't have any stock ...

  • GH3 face

    640 x 640 - 45K
  • @lenuisible how much did you pay your gh3?where do you live?what it the lowest preice you found for it?i'm waiting for the right moment/price to buy it :)

  • I didn't buy it, I live in France, the cheapest price is 999€, the price almost everywhere else is between 1150 and 1200€.

  • Just started playing with the GH3...couple of things I noticed, some already mentioned.

    The SD card door opens too easily. Have to see if there is some way to add a grommet or something that would provide some seal + little extra pressure on door to keep it closed (maybe).

    I couldn't see the exposure meter when adjusting ISO. It's hidden by the ISO selection menu. It would be handy to see the exposure meter when adjusting anything to do with exposure, including ISO.

    I would like to be able to switch PASM while on a custom setting (photo). Can do it with creative movie mode, but couldn't figure a way to do that in photo mode. Any tricks? Wish this were a option.

    Flicker mode is interesting...Nice to have option for 120 SS for p60 movie (rather than 125), but it's not available in creative movie mode. I use Aperture priority (photo mode), p60, Flicker 120 SS and Auto ISO and it works pretty well. ND filters will help maintain your aperture in bright lighting conditions.

    View finder "crispness" is very sensitive to eye placement and the diopter adjustment seems a bit too coarse. Need finer control.

    Pinpoint AF screen enlargement doesn't work very well and Pinpoint AF Time setting don't seem to have any effect. Enlarged screen disappears very fast, sometimes leaving me with black screen.

  • The EVF colors does not match the LCD, at least on my GH3.

  • I have encountered what seems to be a glitch in the GH3 firmware. When we have an external monitor hooked up, if the monitor is on when you turn on the camera, the camera locks up, you can't even turn it off. The only way to get it to unlock is to eject the batter and start up again. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying. Has anyone else encountered this?

  • @Mr4LFilms

    Happened to me too. I didn´t try to replicate the glitch.

  • Anyone know how to keep the display info up all the time? After a few seconds the audio meters and other information disappear and you have to press any of the menu buttons for it to pop up.

  • @vas907 I don't know how to keep the display info up, and it's annoying as hell. I hope Panasonic addresses that in a firmware updage, or perhaps our host in a hack....

  • If found one way to not touch the camera at least while recording, if you trigger the evf sensor by hovering your your finger over it you can get it pop back up when the evf sensor goes back to the screen mode.

  • Don't have the grip, but any chance you've set the camera to use the grip battery first, or only?

  • @Mr4LFilms Yes, same lockup issue using external monitor resulting in the need to cycle power to solve.

  • @P13DM hmm ... possibly a battery fault with the in-camera battery? Maybe try switching out that with the one in the grip. Otherwise ... I'm guessing something got hosed with the grip connection socket.

  • GH3 Audio Limiter/Leveler Issue:

  • @craichead Good little test. Thanks for this.

  • i am trying to capture sound in movie mode (internal mic) , and i cant change the audio levels. I can adjust levels via menu or touch screen but i cant hear any change in the output video (in playback). Does anyone tried to adjust the sound levels with succes ?

  • i just realized the same thing, as above. there is a limiter… so i cant overload the mic. even if i raise the input level enough , limiter is on the way!!!

  • @driftwood Thanks & my pleasure!

  • wondering if anyone's having issues with the internal intervalometer? as i type this, i have a timelapse shooting out my window... 5 second exposure with 6 second intervals, seems to be skipping a shot every 6-8 shots? i've noticed it skipping frames / shots before randomly. i set one up last night with the cheap ebay intervalometer i used with my gh1 and had no issues, so i dont think its a buffering or card writing issue? anyone? thanks!