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Nikon, video, and small mirrorless cameras
  • Nikon Professional Services recognizes that more and more professionals are using D-SLR cameras to shoot high-end video and we think this area has the potential to grow exponentially over the next few years. As part of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our members, we are creating ways to help professionals showcase their work and support Nikon photographers exploring and currently shooting video.


    Some smart manager appeared at Nikon and wrote this. This is all I can say. :-)

    As you may know Nikon will announce mirrorless cams with 2.7x sensors.
    It is easy to prove as we can see m43 bashing (like constant motto of "no progress if m43 sensors in last two years" in each and every post) from Thom lately and fairy tales on how 2.7x sensor will be good.
    Nikon is afraid, very afraid. Problem is that fans do not realize main ideas standing behind 2.7x sensor.

    First idea. Price. All Japanese companies are now focused on small, less buttons and as cheap as possible in production cameras. Small sensor helps here.

    Second and main idea. Most probably sensor resolution will be picked on such level that will render all but few best existing lenses unusable for photo usage. So you'll need to buy new ones from Nikon in any case. And you won't need to explain, like Sony, why you dont have AF adapters for old DSLR era lenses.
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  • Whichever company is the first to truly work WITH the HD DSLR community is gonna reap the huge rewards of a grateful and growing community of creatives. It's such a smart move to embrace a market and talk to the users and ask them what they'd like to see from a product. Look at how the HD DSLR support gear makers have been flourishing. This community is really connected and news travels super fast. The next hot camera that addresses the missing features of current DSLR's will get a lot of love.
  • Nikon's 'pro' cycle is up - expect the new flagship D4 to be announced at the end of August. Nikon released a ton of new fast full frame glass last year (24/1.4, 35/1.4,85/1.4) - I'm excited to see what this next gen of flagship cameras has to offer and how it 'trickles' down to crop sensor technology as well.
  • Nikon are frustrating that their cameras have the potential but always fall short with video by implimenting schitzo manual controls (d90,d5100,d7000).
    Hoping they fix this.