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Another Codec Busting Vid shot in Hong Kong
  • GH1 LPowell 75Peak patch, 720p50 1/100 shutter, 14-140 kit. GH2 Flowmotion 2.02 HBR 1080p25 1/50, 14mm kit pancake. Sennheiser K6 Shotgun direct into GH2 mic socket level 1setting. Exported 720p 25fps 10Mbps for Vimeo

    This stuff really stresses the AVCHD codec and the poor bugger that has to shoot it :-)

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  • Another masterpiece of aquatic delight... If I need to do and big water productions in the Wild West, I will definitely fly you over to Perth as the DOP... Cheers

  • @truestory Haha, thanks. I'll be in Perth in January for "The Doctor"" race, Rotty to Hillary's

  • Nice! Hey Rambo, could you tell me what kind of rig you were holding the camera with? I have to shoot on water similar to this and would like the footage to look at least close to yours.

  • @johnnymossville, Mate there was no rig at all, camera was hand held as there was no room in the back of the 12ft rubber duckie due to a large ski pole mounted between the driver and the outboard. I normally don't shoot from this type of craft, too unstable, but best advice is to position yourself low in the boat, as far rear as possible and over the centreline, that way you have all 3 axis covered. Think of yourself as a human gymbal.

    Only other bit of kit I had on was an ND8 filter. This had to be shot 720p 50, too much jello in 1080.

    Cheers R

  • @Rambo, you're a stud. that looks great. LOL

  • @johnnymossville, have you even seen a 60 yo stud? I have, every morning in the mirror... Not pretty BTW, the 14-140 is a ball-tearer lens for this type of shootin'. Learn how it reacts and then work with it. It's good up to about 110 - 120, after that an OIS starts to get out of control.


  • Did anyone catch the huge Panasonic neon sign on the Pany multistory building just before the 5 min mark??

  • @Rambo Great footage - looks really nice. Very smooth imaging and colors looked right on. Thanks for posting.

  • @Matt_gh2 , sometimes I think the Hong Kong environmental haze or fog aids the image. It knocks down the contrast much like a screen or scrim over an artificial light. But if it's too thick or close by, things get a bit milky. I never needed a polariser, just the ND8 as I listed above. Actually I could have done with an ND4 stacked on the 8 at times, but pulling zoom on the top end of the 14-140 knocks the light down too much if you go from 14 up with that combo even with auto iso compensating. Re the colors, they should ban Fluro Red and orange shirts, damn don't they pop and over saturate?