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Flash with Burst for gh2?
  • Hi, I am wondering if anyone has much experience using flashes on the gh2. My ideal setup would be using an extreme wide angle/fisheye (tokina 11-16 or rokinon), and then have a flash that can keep up with the burst mode on the gh2 (gh3 might be in my future, might not). I don't care about ttl, I am fine with shooting manually. I want to shoot freestyle skiing at night, and I want to be able to get up close and take a burst as a rider comes through. I saw that the yongnuo 560 ex II has burst mode at low power, but I wasn't sure if this would work with the gh2 or not. Also, will the duration be short enough to freeze the action, or can I use the flash above 1/160. I would like to keep this under $300, flexible if it was something like 2 yongnuos and triggers, but I am also fine with just using it on camera. Hopefully someone can make sense of this and help me out

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  • anybody have any experience with this?