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Good 1080/60i hack to match a AG-HMC80
  • Hello all. I'm brand new to the GH2 scene. Great site!

    I'm using a GH2 as a wide-shot B cam for a Christmas Parade next weekend. I will be doing a multi-cam edit in Premiere using the footage of the GH2 and the tripod panning shots of a Panasonic AG-HMC80 using the PH mode: Approx. 21 Mbps (VBR).

    I noticed the stock 1080/60i preset in the GH2 only goes to 17Mbps. I know there's a ton of talk about progressive hacks, but is there a good hack that spans properly and gives me a higher quality and bit rate for 1080/60i footage?

    The show is being produced for broadcast on a local cable channel.

    Thanks, Nick