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So your boss gives you $6,000...
  • For DSLR / equipment.. What do you do?

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  • I should add.. this is for promo / creative services use at a local news station (DMA 65). At this station, we just went HD 1 1/2 years ago. Our editors are pretty current with Edius 5 / 6 & Adobe CS 5.5 (or 6). We have manfroto heads / sticks, wireless mics, and a 20 ft jib..

  • also.. 24 tb of fiber storage..

    @subco, thank you for your wisdom. I agree, you should make sure to have a good, complete system in place, rather than favoring any one thing or another. They've seen some stuff I've put together, and I think they (management) think a "dslr" will solve their problem of having video that looks like "video," and not something a little more pretty / striking. Basically, I've been given a little bit of say so in the decision on how to spend the money, and although I'm aware that I'm posting in a GH2 forum of sorts (not to pigeon-hole anyone in any certain category / camera user group), I respect the forum's opinions on camera / tech questions such as this.

    Personally, I think a GH2 would be great, but I don't think I could convince anyone to hack or upgrade the equipment. I've also mentioned that glass is where it's at, and to be ready to shell out some $$$ for that. Movement in our shots would be nice too; thus the mention of slider / steadicam. I've forewarned him that nobody's gonna pick up a stabilizer and fly it right out of the box. I don't want to say ignorance.. maybe "refinement?" <---That's what lacking and needs to be fixed before the money burns a hole in his pocket.

    Here's what he's had his heart set on so far..

    Nikon D6000 DSLR Camera $2,100 AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G $485 AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G $200 AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR $400 Stedicam ($1,000)? Tripod mounted camera slider for DSLR Camera ($579)?

  • I'm assuming you mean D600. Yep, it's a good choice for video, but there's no mention here of sound or microphones. How are you planning to record sound?

    Beware the choice of lenses though... the DX indicates crop sensor, and the D600 is full frame, so you're better off with FX glass to get maximum shallow DoF. Note if you're going to use a slider, either get a really heavy duty tripod, or even better, two tripods.

  • @eyeBOX

    I propose to use Sony big sensor camcorders and forget about all Canon and Nikon things.

    For example, VG900 (that also has DX mode).

    First, you'll be able to adapt any lenses to it (including E mount and A Mount that have AF, and also EF that works fully with OIS and AF using cheap electronic adapters).

    Second, you get proper silent or almost silent lenses.

    As for equipment, you need to provide clear requirements and tasks.

  • Ask for more.

    Depends on your needs, but whichever way you cut it $6000 is a drop in the ocean.

  • Blackmagic

    In this case I vote for Digital Bolex, as you'll have your money at least until 2022.

  • This is what we have at work:

    3 x Panasonic HMC-150 2 x Canon 5DMK2

    We just had a meeting essentially to present to our bosses a 'wishlist'. Our goal is to replace both Canon's with 2x Sony FS100. As great as the FF is, we need XLR and audio metering for what we do. We plan to still keep the HMCs, since they are easy and quick to shoot with.

    We currently use Juicedlink systems whcih work great, but on the fly you aren't able to monitor what is actually being recorded into camera which we ate shit on prior situations.