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GH1 still getting some use on this music video I shot
  • Shot this before I had my GH2, now I use both to cut down shooting times.

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  • @n5p, very nice work. I would never have guessed you used the GH1 on that. I still love my GH1. I think it's still one of the most underrated cameras out there. With the Hack it makes it a totally legit camera for most low budget jobs. Gives a look you would think is much higher cost.

    Was this in Canada? I'm down in Georgia, U.S. What lenses did you use on this shoot?

  • Nice vid.

    My father in law is from Toronto.

  • thanks guys. Yes this was in Toronto, I used some old Nikon manual lenses that I have. 50mm, 24mm, and 70-140mm zoom. Plus I rented a 14mm Nikon wide angle lens that is super sharp.

    It's funny because I shot alot of stuff on GH1 or GH2 and on Red but alot of your everyday viewers just watching on youtube can't really notice the difference. There is one to be sure, but if 90 percent of the people don't notice... I dunno.

  • yes amazing video and the color from the gh1 is glorious.great work,this seems like a professionally done hat is off to you.

  • Yeah nice video. I still use both my GH1's and mostly 14-140 kit lens. These 2 cameras have earned me in excess of 100k over the past 2years and been to 9 different countries. No need to lug Pro Camcorders around anymore.

  • @n5p Solid. You made the camera work well.

    I shot a fair amount with the GH1 (not as much as Rambo ;) and I have a sense for what sorts of shots it has a hard time with. But the way you shot that video, it rarely felt like the camera was limiting the shot you took (and it didn't feel like you couldn't get the shots you wanted either). Essentially one of the only times I was distracted was by some of the shake in the moving car shots - but quite frankly, even that was well within an acceptable range.

    You made a lot of good choices and the video does a good job of reaching its potential. If I had one piece of advice, it might be to grade the sky with a slightly less obvious cast, but it's all personal taste really. So like I said: solid.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, I agree on all your points, including the sky grade I know what you mean.

  • Rambo I hear that, I do some corporate shooting sometimes and lugging around an HMC180 or whatever it was with a big ass case and accesories was a pain. Now I just use a GH1 and GH2 in a small camera bag and call it a day.

  • @n5p, yep. My regular clients understand fully and have accepted the "big is not necessarily Pro" imagery. The only area where I suffer credibility is when shooting in the shared presence of Pro Photographers, who don't know me and see their big Canon guns as more worthy of shooting opportunities than my tiny little Lumix rigs. For this reason I request control of separate shooting platforms and spaces or have the client state who has priority to direct boat drivers positioning etc. Some are ok and I can share or work in with them but 600mm primes ( their stills) and 14-140mm ( my video) requires totally different perspectives.

    On another note, sea air/ water has yet to kill my Gh1's or lenses, well done Panny, I've a soft spot for the original GH camera.

  • @n5p.. Excellent music video. Really great editing! The GH1 normally hold up just fine when it's used in sufficient lighted scenes. I believe the FPN and freze up in native mode is its biggest, if not only, drawbacks compare to the gh2. Beside that, with a good native progressive hack, you get close to gh2 IQ IMO.