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Nudity? Nudity. Nudity!
  • I have made a short video of a naked girl, extremely beautiful, articulate and intelligent, speaking about intimacy.

    Presuming I can figure out how to color correct--there's a little color shift--and upload to vimeo, is it appropriate to post here?

    Equipment, of course, is the GH-2, 17.5 Nokton, shooting with Sedna, available light in my studio.


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  • If it's all up to me, hell yah!! lol. But in all seriousness I think it's actually cool if she really enjoyed doing it and it was done in a respectable pleasing way.

  • Only Hayes-compliant material here, please! Kindly calculate inner thigh flesh area and divide it by dark or clothed areas to arrive at the quotient.

    As for clothing, male and female garments must be separated, (as on a clothes line), by a neutral garment or an equal amount of empty space.

  • @HillTop1

    I can't comment on respectability.

    This is different for everyone.

    The video is respectful.

    Her day job is caring for autistics.

    But she's also an artist's model, thus very comfortable in front of the camera.

    This is the second time I've worked with her.

    The first time, she spoke little.

    This time, after seeing her expressiveness, and the fact--one can tell--that she actually thinks about what she says, I encouraged her to speak on video.

    Her intelligence shines.


  • I have a pretty cool cartoon plugin effect that might look cool with it.

  • @RBD

    I have nothing against it.

    In fact I still think about topless girls making camera and gear reviews :-)

  • I don't know @VK. Are you sure that that would be wise?

    I'm sure that by the end of the video many viewers would ask: "what was that gear again?"

  • Are you sure that that would be wise?

    I am sure. Monkey brain in us is hardwired to rise attention level if he sees topless girl :-)

  • Vitaliy_Kiselev I have nothing against it. In fact I still think about topless girls making camera and gear reviews :-)

    If it's good enough for Steve Weiss at Zacuto, it's definitely good enough for VK. (just don't buy the expensive)

  • @Rambo

    First, they are not topless
    Second, they are not really good models
    Third, whole idea is screwed

    I wanted to start with 1/4" camera screws review, not with torturing girls with rigs.

    Whole series will be called "Where it fits?"

    Girls will be accidently finding some small piece of gear and trying to use it different ways, until finding proper place. Something like it.

  • @goanna

    I thought this was the Hayes Act of 1963 that stated: "the angle of a male member cannot exceed that of the Mull of Kintyre"

    However I can't find a reference on t'net to it. I feel sure that I read this about 20 years ago when I was involved in developing software that detected and blocked such material in email.

    Anyway - your comment amused me!

  • +1 on topless reviews.

    Didn't Russia invent the naked news?

  • Okay, it's up.

    Be forewarned, there is nudity.

    GH-2, Sedna, Nokton 17.5

    I used the in-camera microphones, which turned out to be way too sensitive, because I had my Small HD in the hot shoe.

    It's the first video I've edited in FCPX.

    It took me a while. I'm 64.

    And no longer a quick study.

    Password is Swansong


  • She looks very comfortable in front of the camera....wish she is available for my shoot next time....what a different world we are here...

  • Sorry to be blunt, but it is too raw for my taste.

    I mean, she's all you said, beautiful, articulate, but it's like none of the pieces in this video fit together. I understand her answers but the questions are missing. The way you show her body (which is quite beautiful) seems forced, too simplistic and I can't find the right word in English but perhaps "undeserving".

    Having said that I'd jump on the opportunity to shoot something similar if I had the chance. I'd probably like to use more than one camera, some fixed framing close ups and some intentional defocus or dynamic focus. That allows a lot more flexibility in editing where I think that one cut would benefit from some silence to break that rigid rhythm.

    This is all too easy to point out but I really think this could be much improved with proper planning and means. On the other hand, it could break all the spontaneity and ruin the shot. It was ultimately your call.

    Thanks for sharing and again, I'm sorry for being blunt.

  • I'm with duartix. crude camera work, bad lighting, and uninteresting set make this feel borderline exploitive.

  • I will strongly agree with @duartix and @brianluce

    a camera is for the most part an artists tool, similar to a paint brush to a painter the human body can also be considered art lol the lack of creativity butchers the whole idea, I would remove this video and MAYBE consider a 2nd attempt. This just reminded me of the start of a porn scene doing a nude interview for an audition without the next step being taken, the video did end abruptly, so who knows.

  • @duartix @brianluce @GravitateMediaGroup

    Guys, how about arrange such interview, make it, upload and show us, and after this we'll return to your camera work discussion :-)

  • This doesn't feel right. I'm not going to watch it all.

    What's important here is the story. And here, that's mainly audio. It's clean audio of her telling what she thinks about the subject. Even if you like spontaneity, this has to be planned out. Plan out where you want to go from beginning to end. Preferably, you have to record the audio -- the interview -- in such a way that you can rearrange it. And she can tell her story in her clothes. I would shoot it in multiple angles, and with more motion, and in a beautifully lit studio. Then you can edit it.

    This main interview with the lady in clothes can be intercut with her nude body, if you wish. You have to cut it to the words she uses, like touch (cut to hands) etc. But shoot it more closely, intimately, softer, and dare I say, more beautifully. If you shoot something like this, your subject deserves it. That's just my own estheticism.

    The story is important, not just filming a lady in the nude, or having her tell something. The story is going from A to B. The question of this story is: What is intimacy? Is it the body? The nude? Sexuality? Or is it knowing each other? The mind. That's your story. Your visuals have to stimulate her words, her story. Capture great audio, and give great visuals to move us through the story.

    This is just my opinion and ideas. Please take it as constructive criticism. And you may criticise my ideas too. :-)

  • Yes let him work and share first. Let's enjoy watching it, lol, then we will review and ask him for the missing part ;)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Yes, you can tell others to do it themselves. But I think you can judge things as a member of the viewing audience. I don't think you have to be able to create what you talk about in order to have a conversation. You can tell how you'd like to see something. I think, many times, people have good perception and sensibilities, but not the ability to do it themselves right. That's where hiring other people to create your vision comes in.

  • Yes, you can tell others to do it themselves. But I think you can judge things as a member of the viewing audience

    Thing is, contrary to usual situation, my offer has real value here. Because they never tried to do similar thing.

    Most similar pro works (ala art) are done in completely different manner. Both, behind the camera and before it, are expirienced professionals who did it many times.

  • @vitaliy_kiselev Being that I have had 15+ years of experience it the video world, and attended New York Film Academy for editing, if I was to make an attempt at something involving nudity, I guarantee it would be more than this, more than one angle. There is absolutely no creativity from the camera man.

  • Well if this is to show off camera work, lighting and skill, I would probably agree with everyone else here. I've done a lot of work and I will never put it up for display because I know just by looking at it that I've lit it poorly or my audio was too off to watch and not be distracted. I think people can make these observations very easily as well. So if it was just for testing purposes, sure, let people see it but it should not be shown for promo or to promote other work. By the way, I've shot lottsa crap this year so I'm not throwing stones in a glass house, not that I'm saying this is crap! This is personal view right? :-)

  • It's sort of bizarre, but I didn't really notice the nudity. I mean, not in the sense that it was significant. I just felt uncomfortable about looking at it and didn't watch the whole thing. It's quite unusual and not what I was expecting (not that I'm sure what I was expecting, but I had to look, obviously)! It's possible that the point was to get a reaction - which it has. Someone above said that she looked comfortable in front of the camera, but as a viewer I felt anything but comfortable.