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GH2 Rig with tutorial on counterweight
  • Hello Everybody I recently put a GH2 Rig together that balances pretty good. I wanted to share it and also give you a short tutorial on how to create a pretty cheap DIY counterweight. image

    I decided to make my own counterweight and it turned out to be pretty straight forward. What you need:

    1x 15mm Rod Clamp ($15) (I used one from a Gini Lens support, which already has pre-drilled screw wholes)

    1x Project Box (ca. $5) (you can buy them on eBay, Radio Shack, or any other store that carries electronics etc. Preferably it has at least one side made off metal)

    1x Weighs (ca. $7) (I got some led for cheap from ebay)

    2x Screws ($.20) (I found screws that perfectly fit the pre-drilled wholes of the 15mm Gini rod clamp)

    All you have to do, is to drill two wholes trough the project box so you can attach the Rod Clamp and you are pretty much done. Fill the box with as much weight as you need, and make sure to stuff the remaining space with some padding so nothing moves. I used bubble wrap, but you could use paper, foam or anything else that is similar.

    As you can see, it is a cheap, simple, yet flexible solution and even looks decent...

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  • If you check weights topic you'll find ready cheap weights :-)

    But this one has advantage to be able to fine tune.

  • I actually kind of like the idea. It's often the hardest part of the counterweights is the ability to adjust it to your rig. Still I prefer the ability to mount the weight vertically so it's not sticking out too far behind. I do so many events with people really close behind me.

  • I've done similar with a rail mounted cheese plate and some diving weights. Works pretty well.

  • Interesting idea. How much weight were you able to put in the box? I found that I needed about 4 1/2 pounds of counter weight for my GH2 rig with mattbox.

    I noticed the front half of your rig is connected to the back half by only one rail. Does it try to rotate? Seems like a four hole offset would be more stable - just an observation. Nice job.

  • @itimjim Cool, would love to see pics of it if you get a chance. I was also thinking about using diving weights.

    @ronmen Right know it's 3lbs 11ounces, but there would be some space left to add more. I actually prefer just one railblock because it allows me to rotate it slightly so it sits better on my shoulder (your shoulders aren't parallel to the ground). It's completely solid...

  • A very good new article by Shane Hurlbut with vid, pics and text related to this topic.

  • I agree that a heavy rig has its advantages. For some reason I just don't like the letus rigs, most of all their handles. They are too short what makes your arms fatique quickly...