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Magic Bullet Looks preset (flat starting point)
  • Does anybody have any interesting ones? I've found quite a few around the Internet, some good some bad.

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  • MAC INSTALL - HardDrive>library>applications>support>looksbuilder>looks>custom

    PC INSTALL - C:\Program Files (x86)\LooksBuilder\Looks
  • I've seen these, and there is another guy that has mad 250+ presets for free to download. El toy or el Troy you can find the video and DL link in YouTube where he demos the looks, just search magic bullet looks presets on YouTube

  • Has anybody tried this preset yet?

  • I tried it, but not for matching with a BMCC.

    Its an interesting approach, like taking everything back to zero and then bringing it back.

  • yeah, it's not as much as a BMCC as it is a "flat" starting point. the basic idea I guess is a happy medium of not crushing blacks or blowing out highlights. I really want to see what it will look like on bmcc footage, although it's not needed, i'm just curious to see what it does 12 bit

  • Great patch!

  • It looks great on the videos :D Thanks for sharing !