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35mm F1.7 Fujian CCTV TV lens
  • Just bought the Fujian 35mm F1.7 C mount lens from dino direct in China. Took about 3 weeks to get , only cost 20 bucks. Lens is excellent for vintage film look. Stepless f stops for smooth transitions. Looks like a copy of SLR Magic, for alot less. Best 20 bucks I ever spent.

    Available at:

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  • Did you get the silver or black version? I have a 25mm Fujian which is quite fun.

  • I can confirm, for the many it is definitely an interesting lens... sharp in center but quite soft in the corners

  • Black version. Wide open a little soft in corners, but subject is usually centered so you can't tell. Step down just a little and is very sharp.

  • Thanks, just bought one of these @ $USD32.00

  • I( got one, it's fast, clear and has creamy bokeh. Plus, it focus to infinite, no modification needed. Great lens for the price.

  • With these speciality lenses, for me it's a matter of paying no more than the amount of use it'll get. I'll be using my Zuiko 30mm f1.8 most of the time ($310) and the Fujian 30mm maybe 1/10th of that ($31.00) so my squidgy numbers work for me.

    I'm looking forward to having fun with it and would like to see any surprise successes users have had.

    (Including any glamour mug-shots of criminals caught on CCTV!)

  • Fujian 35mm with 37mm Century Optics Anamorphic Adapter. Kinda dreamy look. Picture is autocropped, click on it to see 2:39:1 image.

    2000 x 803 - 198K
  • I can highly recommend Wesley 24mm f1.4. Slightly more expensive but less dreamy less and sharp enough for any kind of footage.

  • I made many videos with this lens 35mm 1.7, just one of them:

  • My ordered lens just arrived. Worth the wait and every bit as much fun as everybody has said. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Do you need to use ETC with this lens?

  • no . works just fine in normal mode.

  • Lens arrived in mail, fitted to GH2, iA mode, first picture taken:

    600 x 450 - 39K
  • Cool! Thanks for information, looks good....

  • Hi,

    Anyone here wants to do an IQ test to see how the SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 is much better in IQ compared to the CCTV alternatives? Maybe the volunteer tester can post how they plan to do an IQ test and we can all vote who they trust on the for the detailed testing. There are at least four 35mm lenses varying from 4-6 lens elements. There was even a time with a fake SLR Magic lens with different mechanical parts, different optical design, different or no lens coating, and a very weird packaging found in Japan. We banned a reseller from Japan and they ended up making a fake SLR Magic lens to sell. Obviously the fake lens did not sell well due to poor workmanship and consumer awareness. I think its time the references to the CCTV that looks similar in appearance but different in IQ.

    Earlier on, many think the 35mm f/0.95 lens from China is an exact copy of our 35mm T0.95 lens. Some even said they found reference the factory claimed their 35mm f/0.95 lens is actually our 35mm T0.95 lens and they manufactured it for us to boost their sales. We feel sorry for those mislead to think it is the same lens and spent a lot of money. As explained many times, when the IQ signature is not the same it can be concluded the design is not the same and not the same lens even if the name/specs are similar.

    There is one entry here about this topic already.

    Hope the references to a CCTV lens can end after the IQ testing and we will make references to this test in the future. Would be great if the tester has some accounts on other forums too so we have a few links to refer to.

    Thanks, Andrew

  • I have this one too ...I need to add a nd filter ...the thread is 37 mm ? Does Anyone knows ?

  • This lens is so fantastic for its price, I shot my first ever short film almost entirely on a 35mm F1.7 Fujian and it was my first lens too for my GH1!

  • Can anyone advise me what's the best way to grind the c-m4/3 adapter that came with the lens, but it is too thick and I can't achieve inf focus.

  • I've bought right now a Fujian 35mm 1.7 with an adapter for my Sony A5100. I'm still experimenting with both for a video project I'm working on. This is a small clip done to try out the FCPX slow motion capabilities, shot in XAVC S at 50 fps, shutter speed at 1/2000, slowed down at 25%.

  • Another sample of a documentary I'm doing, handheld Sony A5100 with the Fujian 35mm and one macro ring mounted in. 100 ISO, 50 fps slowed down to 25, stabilized and lightly color balanced in FCPX.

  • Another little test using a Sony a5100 and the Fujian 35mm, handheld and with a desktop lamp (and the fire of the artisan) as only light.