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25p for NTSC gh2 (from USA)
  • Hi,

    I have a brand new GH2 (couldn't wait for GH3) form B&H for cheap.

    I installed Apocalipse Now patch and I can't find a way to shoot in the best quality at 1080 25p (progressive). Looks like there's some option for 1080 25i, but not in HBR mode (as I understand this is the best quality mode) . In HBR it can make only 30p.

    Is it possible to record in HBR mode in 25p? I could'n find the exact answer around.

    Well, if it's no possible to shoot 1080 25 progressive , maybe I have to sell it... :(

    Is there some hope for my case?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • You need to switch cam globally from NTSC to PAL to get 25p. 24p is best quality, not HBR.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    Yes I switched it globally to PAL from the menu and I formatted the card (sandisk 64GB 95Mb/s) and I have all the modes 25fps interlaced, but the HBR is still 1080 30p.

    And the worst for me is the total missing of 1080p25 in any of the modes.

    Is there a patch for 25p in some of the modes?

  • If you switch to PAL, turn cam on/off and reformat card the HBR modes will record in 25p. The files will be tagged interlaced but be progressive. Just take some time to read up in this place and it will all get clear.

  • Thank you so much, I'll take a try. I think I didn't made the on/off step. Yes you're right, I should read more... Don't have time.

    Have a nice day with a lot of smiles!