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GH2 settings for smooth motion?
  • Less interested in insanely high bitrates, etc as I am in stable hacks that perform well and most importantly - provide smooth motion. I'm not sure what it called, but DSLRs seem to suffer from slightly choppy motion. What is responsible for that and what should I look for in a hack to eliminate it? And recommended hacks? What of the new Apocalypse hacks? And does 4:4:4 have anything to do with it?

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  • Depends on what you consider "choppy motion". 24p can do that if you pan too fast, no matter what camera you use. There's a formula out there somewhere for the maximum panning speed vs focal length. Of course, if you shoot with a shutter speed faster than 1/40-1/50s, that panning speed will drop significantly.

    As far as hacks, Intra hacks will give the best appearance by capturing the most detail during movement instead of compressing it based on motion.

  • Try Sanity 5. It was designed to be no-comprise in picture quality and still maintain a sensible bitrate.

    I know what you're saying "DSLRs seem to suffer from slightly choppy motion". This has to do with the way the sensor scans and has nothing to do with the hack or compression. You'll see the exact same thing through the uncompressed HDMI output. If you want truly smooth motion, shoot 720P 50/60 or 1080i 50/60. Sorry, but that's the reality of the situation.

  • I know what you're saying "DSLRs seem to suffer from slightly choppy motion". This has to do with the way the sensor scans and has nothing to do with the hack or compression.

    ...and you'd see the same with film, Alexa, or Red at 24p. It's just that most footage from those sources is usually shot by guys who understand the proper camera movement speeds for the frame-rate.

  • One thing I noticed on testing my GH-2 with a Sigma 50mm 1.4f using an AF mount converter today (as needed a fast relatively long lens), was what looked like interlacing artefacts rather than motion blur in regards to motion when shooting in HBR and Sport mode both interlaced at 1080. Basically is it because the Lens it's so flipping good it's clearly showing the flaws in both the sensor and encoding..? If so I'd need ideally higher frame rates with sound, then conform in post, not merely shutter speed although that in itself is a likely cause due to frequency mismatch in low light, like adjusting shutter speed to stop a TV flickering if it's in a room. Possibly this IS this simply the cause even...?

    If so will any of this Hack stuff fix my wow's for all the fiddling & story's of things not going etirely to plan all the time. This is the re-awakinging my love of fast Prime glass, having trained on the best glass out their at Panavision and NTFS.... it just looks soo yummy and on my own ikle cam h,e..he, it's just the encoding I think that's letting it down...!! Oh and I'm in Brighton, UK, so if anyone could help set-up my camera properly with a hack please, I left this level of Tech fiddle behind way back so would just love it sorted so I can be creative... thanks all :) Sammi

  • @GirlyFilms If only there was someone living in Brighton who knows about the hacks.... Paging Mr @Driftwood, paging Mr Nick @Driftwood, please visit the white courtesy telephone....

  • I'm Looking for the following Patch HQ Cinema 24p 44Mbit SD_Card=Class 10 recommended Camera=GH2 v1.0E [Settings] Version increment=1 All Interface Languages=Checked 30min limit removal=Checked PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked Video Bitrate 24H=44000000 1080p24 FB1=1566720 1080p24 FB2=1968046 1080p24 Frame Limit=15728640 please help