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need help with ysd-998 battery
  • hello all. i have recently purchased the ysd-998 battery and used it for the first time yesterday with my gh2. we filmed a good hour of footage and the battery kept up great. unfortunately my battery did not come with instructions and i am having difficulty with charging it.

    i plug the wall adapter in to the 12v hole and nothing happens. no red light appears on the wall charger or the battery while plugged in. when i plug the battery in and i turn the battery on, there is a green light on the battery and the wall charger. is that how i am supposed to charge it? with the battery in the on position?

    if i do indeed need to see a red/orange light on the charger, does the battery need to be used beyond a certain threshold? like, since i have only used it to film for an hour, it hasn't used up enough energy for the circuitry to allow the battery to be charged?

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Mine just arrived yesterday, and I have the same question. I left mine with the charger plugged in over night, and the green light stayed on at all times. I'm not sure if the unit arrived fully charged. I am a bit nervous about these cheap batteries burning up, so it would be nice to know the proper charging procedure.

  • I just saw this info on another forum:

    Re: YSD-998 12v/9v/5v Li-ion "Hoo boy" battery from HK « Reply #7 on: October 20, 2011, 10:23:36 PM »

    i use one and its works fine.  no noise at all.  i only use the 12v out so cant say anything about the 9v and 5v outs.  super small and light.  u need to turn it on to charge it.  wierd, but has to be done.  i thought mine was DOA because i charged it all nite then went to test it and it lasted only 10 min.  turned it on and charged it and all good.

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