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GH2 Made in...China, Japan, etc...
  • Just curious as to all the different places of manufacture for the GH2. My GH2 says made in China, and I bought it from B&H when it was $599 back in March/April 2012 for only a day. (Wonder if that's the reason it was much cheaper) It's been working fine and hacks work fine too.

    I've heard of earlier GH2's made in Japan, but wanted to confirm and see where everyone's GH2's were made and when they bought it.


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  • Made in China, bought around the same time as you. I would be surprised though if any of them where manufactured in japan.

  • Even Japanese companies love cheap slave labor. And the local economy suffers. It's the same old sad story.

  • I believe, the made in Japan ones were mostly for Japanese market. In Europe, I've only seen China made. After the accident with the nuclear power plant, they might have moved most production to China.

  • I bought mine in Japan and it says made in Japan on the sticker (in Japanese). The camera menu and is Japanese only though.

  • " Product Of Japan From RPC" is enough room on GH3 sticker and sound better ? -;)

  • Hi ı dont know if it is the rigt topic but I have purchased a gh2 from united states and in firmware check it states 1.1 . In the set up there isn't any video out option. I updated it with sanity 5 hoping to see pal option but again its a no go. Is there a way to have video out menu option.

  • It is in the menus by default. go into video display and switch from ntsc to pal, turn off turn on and reformat card. you have to enable it in the hack first for it to work otherwise your only just swapping video output format only, not recording format.

  • My default menu lacks video out option so I can not choose pal or ntsc but I have to check whether I enabled it or not while hacking. Thanks for the info.