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GH2 Commercials shot with Canis Skin Tone
  • Shot this in the summer with Driftwood's CM Skin Tone and Crossfire Green Screen.

    Lenses- Woman - Zeiss ZF 50mm 1.4 , Nikkor 105mm 2.5, Spokesman- 14-140.

    Special thanks to @Vitaliy_Kiselev & @driftwood !!!

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  • That's weird, the sync is off...

  • I don't have audio to hear it but the video looked really really good except on the lady in the last scene, her skin tone is a little greener/blown out than the earlier shot.

  • Sure looks good to this unprofessional eye. The audio was very professional sounding as well.

    Harold House

  • @svart : Thanks, but my scopes disagree with you on the green part. It's a different shot is is supposed to reflect a more optimistic outlook due to the "conclusion".

    @ragnar : Glad you thought it looked good. I'm fairly proud of it. The audio was done by a guy that works A LOT.

    This was shot on GH2, not because it was some friends coming together and making a commercial. I wanted to point out that you can get pro quality images on a set with client, director, script etc. with this little camera.

  • The only issues were that the post guy didn't pull the green tighter or he didn't clean it up enough. I failed to notice on set that the spokesperson's hair was a little on the fuzzy side. It's a bit buzzy on the the cam right side.

  • @rockroadpix I wasn't pixel peeping and did not notice the keying issue you mentioned - so I would not worry about it excessively. :)

  • wow great stuff. to the untrained eye, I doubt they could tell the difference between this and red footage.

  • what sound gear was used for this?

  • @Eugene -Pretty sure it was Shoepps boom mike with lav back up though a sound devices mixer. Back up recorded on zoom h4n.

  • Thanks to the ease of shooting with the marvelous GH2, we shot two commercials that day back in June, here is the other one for the same client (obviously)...

  • was the zoom at the 20second mark on the second video done in post or on a dolly/slider?

  • @rockroadpix What type of mics did the audio guy use? Sounded great. 2nd commercial had better green screen pull. Good work!

  • @f1lm3r Post, if I remember correctly.

  • looks awesome over here,great work!

  • @5thwall - pretty sure like I stated above that is was a Shoepps (sp?)

  • I'm going to ask a personal question. It might be inappropriate. How much did they pay you to do this? I've been asked to do things like this in the past but always politely said no as I'm an amateur and don't really want the stress of a job to ruin my hobby. It would be interesting to know just for knowing's sake. Once again, it's not my business but I'll risk this chance to ask.

    Harold House

  • @ ragnar _ I'm guessing that you are asking about my DP rate. I say that, because it was my production company that handled everything except post. On a professional basis, (especially for commercials) it takes more than an "underwear editor" as you usually have a couple of client days in the room. Most DPs charge anywhere from $1200 to $5000 a day depending upon the project. Not being a professional, you would normally charge about half that. I'm not sure of the stress ruining the hobby part. Maybe you perceive and handle stress differently. I love shooting whether it's fun stuff or family or work (even somewhat boring) being higher end cool/glamorous stuff. I charged more towards the lower end because I was making money on the mark up and savings.