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How can I get HDMI output with teleconverter?
  • I have a GH2 with ver 1.1 firmware. I want to be able to turn the tele-converter on and get HDMI output. Is there a hack for this?

    I am using 3 GH2s to feed live into a switcher and I need the HDMI output as a live video source. But I need to also invoke the teleconverter because the lenses I am using (very fast old TV camera lenses) are too wide. Also, there is some vignetting.

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  • it has not been hacked successfully. sorry, mate.

  • Is anyone working on this?

    I need the HDMI output because I convert it to SDI and run it a couple hundred feet into an SDI input on the switcher.

    But this is all for a low end TV station running on legacy SD equipment and I can tolerate artifacts; I don't need the super hi-quality images most of you on this board seek.

    Somewhere I read something that led me to believe there was a hack that worked providing you placed camera in record.

  • @DNL ...and why don't you just try that? using unhacked firmware or low bitrate patch, you'll just need 3 cheap class 10 SD cards ... if the trick works...

  • I did try it (without any hack) and it didn't seem to work. However, I don't think I had a card in the camera, so I will have to try that again.

  • My GH2 says I have firmware ver 1.1. Is there a ver 1.11? On Pany's site they seem to only refer to 1.1, however others refer to a ver 1.11.

    What is the truly latest firmware?

    Why the confusion?

  • it is 1.1 - and there is no way for hdmi in etc mode as of now, trust me.

  • v1.1 is just incomplete version, one you see on the display :-)

    As for other - hdmi never worked in ETC mode.

  • @DNL .. read the threads about using ENG lenses with doublers .. you will probably find a solution to enable HDMI->SDI->switcher for live work

  • I will look into this but doesn't a doubler reduce the effective f-stop of a lens? I very much need to preserve the speed of my lenses.

  • In terms of noise, using a lens's doubler is similar to using the camera's ETC mode. ETC mode is much noisier than with ETC off. The lens captures the same amount of light from each object in its field of view either way.The choice will come down to what the image circle of the lens is with and without doubling, what angle of view you need, and your preference for the look of ETC mode or not. A lens's doubler will actually produce slightly less noise, because it is only multiplying by 2 instead of ETC mode's 2.6.

    But since this is for SDTV, I suggest you forget HDMI and try the GH2's composite output.

  • Lenses with doublers usually have very fast glass. I have a Canon 9-117mm F/1.6 with a doubler. And it actually seems sharper with the doubler in place. Haven't tried in ETC mode yet because of the noise penalty.

  • @balazer and whoever else can help: I am trying to use live composite output of GH2 and I don't seem to be able to get anything but a blank screen on my NTSC monitor. I can see GH2 menu choices and I can play back clips but no live picture.

    Is it possible to monitor composite output, whether recording or not? (FYI, I don't need to record; I only need a live feed from the GH2.)

  • @DNL, without testing I do not think so.

    If you hold down the trashcan button for about 10 seconds, a hidden feature will enable composite live view, however the screen overlays will be present. Once you do this it is permanent until you hold it down for 10 seconds and it's turned off

    When you press record, composite sync will continue, but the image will go black.

    The solution will be in this case a HDMI->composite converter box .. you are probably better to go the HDMI->SDI approach .. I use these

    And I am fitting out my two GH2s with B4 2/3 lenses with doublers