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Production monitors ?
  • Hi guys,

    I'm grading my footage for a couple of years now, and I'm trying to learn something new everyday... At the moment I edit with a new iMac 27" color calibrated every 2-3 months with Datacolor Spyder 3 colorimeter. My work productions are for internet use, usually youtube or vimeo.

    I was wondering if is it important or not, and why, to us a monitor built specifically for this purpose when I do the grading as the real pro do, or if it is something not so relevant if the video destination is youtube on consumer computers....

    Please educate me about that


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  • I moved topic to proper category, as it is gear related thing.

    My humble opinion is that you have good monitor, and it is better in invest in good book on grading that have guidlines how to make your workplace properly for grading (see FAQ on top and later Books FAQ page)