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G2 Hack Development
  • Hi,
    Is G2 hack development available about 4:2:2 and 1080p?
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  • >Is G2 hack development available about 4:2:2 and 1080p?

    I can't make working 4:2:2. Don't know the source of the problem after all tests and changes. May be it is hardware stuff.

    As for 1080p - G2 sensor can't shoot 1080p.
  • Thanks, Vitaliy, just wondered because I watched many G2 videos on YouTube in 1080p and they don't look upscaled...
  • Is G2 new Japan Model can be hacked now? I try but seems fail!
  • I confirm, camera won't start the firmware update despite version number in the file, or filename. Maybe there is same kind of protection as was in the 'unhackable' GH1 versions.
    Any suggestions Vitaly?
  • You mean new G2?
    As I heard it is something like it.
    No suggestions - just buy new camera.
  • Yes, fresh version. Good suggestion, but this camera are new ;)
    Maybe there is possibility to dump the firmware? Or just to change menu language from japanese?
  • maybee I'm going to ask something obvious but..
    does this hacking fix the rolling shutter?
  • rolling shutter is defined by sensor used (and also depends on used scan mode), so you can't improve it :-)
  • So? Nothing i can do to change language from Japanese? Вот грёбаные япошки... Чтоб им плохо стало...
  • --rolling shutter is defined by sensor used (and also depends on used scan mode), so you can't improve it :-) --
    yes, I know that the CMOS sensors have this problem due to the fact that they use scanline mode, I was meaning that increasing the GH2 operation speed would affect also the scanning speed and probably reduce sensibly the shutter effect..
    maybee I'm supposing too much?!
  • G2 is not bad model at all:
  • Hey I don't want to stress people because I already asked in dvxuser forum. But maybe double help is better :-) I have a problem with the hack: I have a G2 bought in May 2011 in Germany with Firmware v 1.1. I downloaded the last version of ptool then I downloaded LPowell - Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch version 2. I downloaded the firmware from: (after unzip the file of the name is: G2___V11.bin). I read that the file must named like this: G2__V11.bin. So I renamed it then I startet Ptool as an admin load the firmware, klicked the "I" button for the seetings and saved the firmware. Then I reformat my SD card (SanDisk Ultra II 16 class), recharged my battery until there is no green light on the recharger anyomore. After this I renamed the new firmware file to G2__V12.bin and copied it to the root folder of the SD card. Then I turned on the camera and pushed the play button for 5 secs and nothing happenend.

    After this I tried it with 3 diffrent SD cards with diffrent classes and also tried it with renamed files like this G2___V12.bin and I also tried it with a diffrent increment number 20 instead of 10. I always recharged the battery during the testing.

    Under the title of Ptool there is a hint: Available patches for G2 v1.10, maybe thats the reason? and I only found one version of the firmware in english but I bought my camera in germany. Is the firmware from this site the right one:

    As least I want to explain my attachment: on the left side you see the hack folder on my destop. It contains the firmware file after unzip it with the 3 underlines G2___ , my renamed G2__V11, the patch from lpowel, the new firmware file G2__V12 and the tool. Yeah in the middle you see the tool and on the right side my SD card. Thats it. Maybe someone can help me :-)
    1366 x 768 - 263K
  • @Concordia

    Just read this topic above.
    New G2 are unhackable.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    thx I read also the comments here maybe I didnt notice this bad news. Poor for me, but thx. By the way somebody needs a G2? ;-) forgot to ask are there some developments in the future to hack it? you said "No suggestions"
  • Concordia, don't worry about your G2. Just use SLR lens (m42, FD, etc. with adapters) with priority instead of the kit lens. Once you do that, you will be able to have manual control over the video using the lens. My G2 is hackable, but actually you can see the result above even with not hacked one. In contrary of the most people here, I think it's much more important what you will create with your camera instead of using it as a test mouse for some high bitrate or low GOP experiments. Those experiments will never stop and also they will never reach the quality and picture of the movie productions studios; they will always give the known artificial sharp picture and that's the limit. The reason is also known - it's phisical! If they reach a picture similat to 5D MarkII's - oh, what a dream...
    Whatever the hack will do with the quality, seen not much except with the test software diagrams, I bet you'd never produce a motion picture for cinema theaters or something like that. At the same time, you can make something unique and valuable depending on your mind.
    So, the idea and the creativity is what would impress the spectators.
  • @producer

    thx for this great post. You encourage me a lot. First I will buy the pancake lens because the kit isnt good (14-42) and then we will see

  • Guys,

    I installed the patch and so forth. It updated but when i check the video the bit rate is low. When i check its @ 10mb only :(. Any idea why guys?
  • Has anybody compiled a (partial) list of G2 serial numbers corresponding to hackable and unhackable cameras?

  • @spk

    Any reason to do it? At current prices it is much better idea to sell G2 and buy any modern body.

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev, my budget is very, very small.

    Based on my reading, and viewing photos & videos posted online, and tests using a borrowed G2, at this point:

    • I'd rather have one G2 than no G-series Micro Four Thirds camera, and
    • I'd rather have one hacked G2 than an unhacked G2.

    When my budget improves:

    • I'd rather have a pair of hacked G2s than one hacked GH1/GH2.

    (I've ruled out the GF1 and GF2 because they neither have articulated screens nor video output while recording.)

    The problem is: how to achieve this. If buying a second-hand G2, it would be great if I could ask the seller for the serial number (or some other property of the camera: firmware revision? What would be most useful?), and use that to look up whether the camera is likely to be hackable or not. Otherwise, the money spent on postage/etc for buying used G2s and having to return them or re-sell them if they turn out to be unhackable would make my goal uneconomical.

    Thank you for all the work you've put into these hacks and this community, by the way :)

  • @spk

    How about look at ebay on body prices first?

    I want to repeat - it is stupid to buy G2.

  • Yes, it is possible, your focal will be about 32-100 mm with ETC and this lens..

  • @AlbertZ @aticam

    To proper topic, please.

  • Hy! I have a problem with the hack :P i've a hackable G2 but the AVCHD hack is not working. (MJPEG ok)

    i would like to try the earlier 3.40 ptool but i can't find anywhere. (one and a half years ago i hacked this camera and everything is working and now with the 3.6d something is wrong. :( ) pls if is it possible link us the 3.40 :)

    thx! sry for my english :)

  • @matyiGo

    It is wrong topic, use Beginners topic for this.