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Olympus E-PM2 topic
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    • Nothing fancy, old sensor
    • Renewed body with few small features
    • Old 460k screen
    • Price: $599 for kit
    659 x 480 - 50K
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  • Not the same E-M5 sensor? :(

  • Yea E-M5 sensor. Only 30p. Only pixel shift IS for video. Really why use Oly for video? But it seems nice for photo.

  • I’ve been using this set for photography. My Canon/Nikon buddies can never understand me though.


    E-PM2, M.Zuiko 45mm, FL-50R, FL-36R, Lumix 14mm, Samyang 7.5mm.

    It must have the flash accessory to trigger remote flashes with wireless TTL or full manual setting. Up to 3 external flashes almost 100% success rate. “Warmed-up” Sony like orange color cast can be turned off. “Muted” picture mode gives close to true color and good skin tone. AWB works in most cases. Image quality is very good. Filter effects are fun. I heard it has weaker AA filter that is good for photo. Yeap video sucks.

    The 45mm lens is fantastic for strobist. In-body image stabilization works great. The 14mm pancake makes it very compact, and f/2.5 is not slow at all since SOOC jpegs are acceptable up to ISO 6400. Fish eye... another reason to get a system camera.

    Although menu & usability aren’t that great, I like its compact size and feature sets and performance.

    1526 x 858 - 238K
  • Interesting. I just heard E-PM2 does sensor based image stabilization during video recording. Stabilizing handheld 50mm vintage lens is no problem :) Just like OMD, it supports full manual mode, too.

  • Hi, curently the e-pm2 has the 1/8secc antishock setting to avoid shutter shock but it doesnt eliminates the shutter shock problem. My questions is: is it possible to add a 0 second antishock to the e-pm2/e-pl5 ? i mean shouldnt be hard to change the value from 1/8sec to 0sec in a custom firmware and see if its working, is there anyone willing to help? please?