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Schneider Super Cinelux Anamorphic
  • Anyone have one of these?.

    The coarse focus is done on the Cinelux via a thumb screw at the front but the fine focus is done on the imaging lens attached to the rear so there are two focus controls to worry about.

    I am interested in a modification, but first I have some questions

    1 have you taken one apart? - if so please post pictures

    2 the focus range is 3m - INF, via a small knob - how many full turns to go from near to far?

    3 is the focus low torque or high (stiff), could it take a pinion gear for gearing or servo/stepper?

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  • i got this lens 2 days ago, dunno if you still read this but for all who care: focus takes 8 full turns to go from 3 to infinity. Mine is a bit stiff, propably has to be a strong servo, but could work. whats your plan ?

  • Hey, here you have some vids shot With it As for the lens, it´s my only anamorphic and also the first one so i dońt know where it is compared to other ones, but i love the look, but again, it´s a réal bitch to use, the focus system is made i think to be fixed and not changed all the time, also in it´s original form i think you can Forget an easy way to add diopters, maybe With a cokin system glued or fixed another way to it...

  • "the focus system is made i think to be fixed and not changed all the time" -- small wonder, since that was a projector lens, not a camera lens... Depending on the length of the extension from infinity to 3', maybe you could mount it on a bellows!

  • Hi All,

    Things have moved on a bit since I started this thread - look here

  • Yes "paddy" you are right. Very positive input