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  • Hi I'm considering purchasing an MBP Retina 15.4". I edit with FCP. Any opinions would be appreciated but I also have some questions:

    Is there some important dif between the 2.6 and 2.7 processors? It seems a little silly to have a .1 dif unless there is.

    Anyone editing on the Retina version find glare a problem? In my prev mbp I chose the flat instead of glossy version because of less glare, and the retina version I saw at Apple store today seems like it would have problems.

    Is the flash drive superior to the usual?

    The apple person was saying how the retina version doesn't show pixels in blowups of pics but wouldn't that be a kind of fake version of a pic and wouldn't one be better off seeing the problems?

    Would you say I'm incredibly good looking or just really really good looking? (Sorry, that slipped out.)

    Anywho, any opinions, tips or info would be appreciated.

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  • Just get the 2.6 instead of the 2.7. I've got the 2.6 and its great. Doubt you'll see any increase with the 2.7. If you're editing in final cut pro 7 its a complete waste, just so you know, apps that aren't optimized for the retina won't work well with it. The program will look pixelated because it will be scaled to fit the MBP native rez. What are you trying to edit with? It works great with final cut pro x though.