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Two mono mikes with the stereo jack into the GH2
  • Hello I have a question: I want to record from 2 mono mikes into the GH2. For an interview in a noisy room. I have a Shure XLR mike and we made a cable XLR female from the mike to the 2.5" jack. Does not work. I have a collar mike that works when I go directly into the GH2. We made an Y-cable, 2 x 2.5" mono female jacks, that go to one male 2.5 stereo jack into the GH2. Does not work. The collar mike gives no sound when at this Y cable. Any suggestions what to observe?

    Will this be possible at all?

    Thanks for any input

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  • Your question cannot be answered without knowing what kind of mic you used and how you wired the cables.

  • Hello balazer,

    Thanks for the reply but the problem is solved.
    The XLR microphone had the cable soldered wrong and the Y cable had the plastic around the jack moved too high, so that the jack did not get far enough into the GH2 to get the connection properly. We moved it back 1 mm and it worked. Now each microphone has one channel. One right and one left. Thats the way I wanted it and it works well.

    Thanks for answering anyway.

  • Good to know @AKED What Y-cable or adapter did you use? Home-made?

  • Yes, self-made.

  • @AKED

    I think it is good idea to add few photos and instructions, as it can be useful for many people.

  • Today I finally found the time to experiment a little with the sound setup....

    YES, it works very well, on my test I got an incredible clear and detailed sound.....

    Technical details: GH2, 1 stereo 2,5mm/3,5mm 90° connector, 1 Y-Adapter cable 1x3,5mm stereo jack to 2 x XLR female, dual 48v phantom powersupply, 2 x XLR male/female cable, 2 AKG C2000B microphones (can be any condensator mic/large membrane mic/band mic of your choice), 2 x microphone stands

    the GH2 and the AKGs are VERY sensitive, so for just normal music I needed the minimum setting AGC or less sensitive mics.

    Weak points: the GH2 2,5mm/3,5mm stereo adapter... even with 90° adapter still very instable!, no further gain adjustment possible externally/internally, the GH can only change position within the reach of the used cable! or you mount the mics on a boom (quite heavy mics)

    Usability: run+gun.... forget it!!

    for a concert/theater to make direct nonstop recording... great... but we are close to using a mixer with several microphones and just record the monitor out signal with the GH... and/or external recorder as well...

    My plan is to use this setup for recording smaller concerts

    Have fun

    p.s. no pix yet, no examples yet