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GH2 Broadcast Discussion
  • This is really interesting! As @Greek_m43 wrote, he used hacked GH2 at 42mbps for a broadcast... We can talk about this more here... as this is interesting for many people!
    ... and it gets more interesting as GH2 hack is rolling out with higher bit-rate patches etc.
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  • That something that will bring it too a whole new level. If we all keep testing the hacked GH2 it will happen.
  • Why...plenty of people (including myself) had crap old HDV stuff broadcast on HD TV...
  • Yeah, I don't know where people get the idea you need some cam with 4.2.2 color space with uncompressed 8k image shot through a $50,000 lens to be considered "Broadcast". I shot stuff in 720p HDV with 17mb bit rate and it went to broadcast all over the planet.
  • @brianluce Exactly! ... but for example official BBC text: Cameras usually have a minimum of 3x1/2inch sensors and a recording format of 50Mbs long gop or 100Mbs iframe. (HD cam list: .. but I 100% agree.. you don't need all of this to be considered as "broadcast" camera.. Some time ago I too shot a news promo with GH13 for a TV station that went to broadcast in 1080p..
  • My work involves a lot of run and gun front line news reporting for the likes of the BBC, Channel 4 and even Democracy Now and I'm really proud to have shot all of the material on an unhacked GH2 - Being a UK based journalist does mean commiting to PAL and shot using 720x50p (Exported out to 25p) but running reports like this for the Guardian would never have been possible without those extra frames and so very excited at what the hack will "Enhance" -
    The scenes from the action were all shot on an unhacked GH2.
  • @Felix Do you have any stabilization system or special rig for GH2 when doing these run'n'gun shots for news?
    I'm sure that the hack will enhance the GH2 one step further!
  • There ya go GH2 does broadcast. Just think what the hacked version will do.
  • @chrimsbroome the thread was started for this video I did for broadcast, 1st 2 hits hacked gh2 at 42mbps 2nd 2 hits are ex1... password is cbs13

    another promo with all hack gh2 is coming in the next 30 minutes
  • Please excuse the cheesiness of these (I have to :/ ) but everything is shot with the GH2 hacked at 42mbps, except the bad quality b-roll of course. Password is cbs13

  • @Greek_m43
    Really like the news footage you're doing! Did you shoot with the 20mm 1.7 or maybe just the 14-140mm?

    Also, did you zoom into that image on the dash with the lens or was that done in post? Seemed to keep good focus.
  • @TimeZone They were all 20mm f/1.7 and it was all post zoom, thats why I said sorry for the cheesiness.
  • Good stuff Greek_m43.

    Also..I don't know if folks really appreciate how good that pancacke f1.7 lens is.
  • @Ian_T it is amazing. I even shoot some with Canon FD with the Cinemorph anamorphic filter
  • @Greek_m43, Hey Hey :-) GH2 is getting serious now
  • @Greek_m43 So cool! Nice shots you did here! + the hacked footage is just outstanding!
    .. the 20mm f1.7 is one of the best lenses I have for my GH1 .. the image is so sharp.. really good lens for m4/3 systems!
  • @Greek_m43- what software did you use to encode the video and edit the video content? the quality looks great.
  • @MarkV Certainly the BBC have a general requirement for 25% of footage to be shot in their HD spec for a programme to be classified as HD, so you can probably stretch things :)

    Even the AF100 doesn't meet the classification, unless used with an external recorder.
  • @chrimsbroome log and transfer to prores in fcp7
  • Dam, Looks like Final Cut Pro X is becoming the standard. I can see why because I tried to use Adobe Premire CS5 and the quality output was worse than the original, which made the whole thing tottally pointless. I have to make myself a Apple machine sometime.
  • @chrimsbroome Come on! I'm also using Adobe Premiere CS5.5 (sometimes AVID or fcp7 for large projects on 8 core Mac Pro) and the rendering quality from Adobe Media Encoder is good! You say "the quality output was worse than the original" - yes, when you set the output wrong the quality might be worse so it is pointless for you.. You need to be more specific :-)) Give us real world specific example.. ;-)
  • I used fcp7 not X. We can't use X. It's gabage
  • I realized last week I'd forgotten FCPX existed, and I paid for it! Now I wish I'd hopped on the refund bandwagon, I could've bought the 20mm pancake with that cash :(
  • @Oedipax It's garbage! FCPX is garbage! You can get the money back form Apple! (so I did) .. when you will get the money back just buy the amazing 20mm F1.7..! Apple have good products.. as I'm using the iPad and iPhone and sometimes Mac... but FCPX is bad... yet..
    One question for @Greek_m43: Do you have any stabilization system or rig with extra accessories for GH2 when doing these shots for news?
  • @MarkV - When I edit AVCHD video from the GH2 it seems to degrade even though Adobe Premiere CS5 says it doesn't transcode it (from the website). I put a lot of my AVCHD formats onto a Blu-Ray Disc but as soon as i edit it, Premiere CS5 has to transcode it too Encore.

    I suppose when I hack the GH2 the quality will improve as people have shown.
  • @MarkV I have my mini DIY handheld rig and my indiSystem shoulder rig