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Kodak Getting out of Still Photos - and it look likes Movies are next
  • ROCHESTER, N.Y. – After decades of churning out untold millions of little yellow boxes of camera film, Eastman Kodak is saying goodbye to the still photography business.

    The company synonymous with photography said Thursday it is putting a batch of businesses up for sale, including more than 100,000 photo kiosks installed at retailers around the globe and its professional and consumer still camera film operation. ....

    In the conference call, [CEO] Perez repeatedly circled back to the idea that these sales were part of Kodak's goal to focus in the future on a set of core businesses — commercial printing, packaging printing and various printing services.

    From USA Today:

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  • so sad, but happens for something better, even though the process is painfull to see.

  • The significant part for me is the overnight change in what Kodak sees as its core activity. It looks like the motion film patents are being sold after all, contrary to what we'd been led to believe about Kodak retaining their relatively small but lucrative motion film section.

    I wonder who will win the auctions for Kodak's motion film patents. (Apple? Google?)

  • Kodak to sell the film business that made it so famous (update)

    The company got in touch to say that while those parts of the business are being put up for sale, manufacturing, sales and marketing of Kodak-branded film products (and motion picture products) will remain within the Eastman-Kodak company.