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Iscomorphot 16 mm HELP
  • Hi! I just received my new Iscomorphot 16 mm 2x, which I recently won in an auction on ebay. I haven't received my lens clamp yet, so I haven't gotten to thoroughly test it, but by simply aiming my taking lens through the anamorphic it becomes clear that its focus ring has no immediately recognisable effect. I believe common practice is to set the taking lens to infinity and rack focus with the anamorphic, but the only option I seem to have here is to rack focus with the taking lens and just leave the anamorphic be (which did seem to work allright in my initial test, but I can't be sure). Since I can't test this out thoroughly without a clamp, I'd be happy if someone could jump in with some insight! Is this common for this particular lens, or have I wasted my money here?