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GH-1 gh1 Good settings for no rolling shutter in 720p
  • I am afraid I have been overwhelmed by the amount of different info on here. I really am just trying to find a collection of the best GH-1 hacks to download in the .bin format. I have been looking for hours but its hard it seems there are so many topics and its all a bit of a mess, which is normal for a forum.

    I like the look of pappa arts settings or anything that will at least give me no rolling shutter in at least 720p, I have worked out its pretty much impossible to avoid in 1080p...

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Here are the settings I am using at the moment...
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  • Rolling shutter is issue of CMOS sensor if i'm right. So bigger the focal length is, the bigger jello effect it makes.. One solution is to use lenses with shorter focal length. Idealy prime lenses up to 35mm. From my observations for example 25mm makes minimum jello effect but 100 mm quite a lot. Just don't make quick moves with camera. Or you can fix that in post...

  • About the only way to help with rolling shutter is to shoot 720 60p and remove half the frames and turn it into 720 30p. You'll have to set the Shutter to 1/120 (or as close as possible) to get a 180 degree shutter, so you'll end up losing a stop of light. If you do that technically your finished footage will have half the skew than if you shoot 720 30p. I've done it, it works (with a different camera tho).

  • Right. The faster the Shutter, the less rolling-shutter. Nothing that you can get with a patch. Is not about video compression but about how CMOS are scanned.

  • Yes I realize what you guys are saying and thanks for the replies but I think there are settings to get no rolling shutter with 720p Pappa Arts settings. All I want to know is where are the firmwares stored on this website?

    Also I get a lot of noise on my gh1 seems more than other people do you guys know if I can make any changes to the settings to improve this or do I need to "burn in" the sensor?

    Many thanks for the replies.

    I generally use 28mm prime lenses.

    So I have to keep the shutter speed down to 1/120? what do you mean by 180 degree shutter? Also I am planning on filming some action scenes with a lot of handheld camera work so this is why I really need to get rid of rolling shutter as much as poss.

    Thank you! :-)

  • Shutter speed does not affect the magnitude of the rolling shutter effect... That would be the case for a mechanical shutter, but not for digital.

  • Also, whoever says that you can get no rolling shutter on a GH-2 is grossly over reaching. It's just not true. Less with some of the techniques folks mention here....but certanly not "none."

  • Hi! Thanks for the replies! Yes it seems that its impossible to completely get rid of the rolling shutter on gh1. There was a video on vimeo

    Which seems to have gone now. But it seemed there was no rolling shutter in it!

  • Yes there is a lot of misinformation on here about rolling shutter. You cannot completely eliminate it with the GH2’s chip design. However, you can reduce its effects greatly.

    The simplest way to reduce the effects are to simply avoid moving the camera quickly. However, if that is not possible then shooting at 60p will be much better than 24p. However, the shutter speed really has almost nothing to do with it.

    The sensor readout speed is what controls rolling shutter. For the GH2 the max readout speed is 120 FPS in 720p @ 60 FPS mode with a shutter speed of 1/120th of a second or faster. Increasing the shutter speed past that isn’t going to affect it at all.

    The only thing that will help it is increasing the sensor readout speed which they will increase to at least 240 FPS in the GH3.

    Do you have some examples of where the rolling shutter effect is ruining your shots and not the filming technique?

  • Good to see this topic. Since I have GH2 i did not update my GH1. Where are newest patches for GH1. Id like to have GH1 with stable patch as a backup body. Also may I use Ptool 3.65 on GH2 or the new versions are are not compatible?

  • So, what ever happened to this? Did you find a patch? I'm kind of in the same boat too although I need 1080-24p. Assuming that shooting at higher frame rates is the key to getting less rolling shutter, I was wondering if there was a high bitrate hack that captures 24p from the 60i stream (Is that what you hackers are talking about when you refer to 24p inside a 60i "wrapper")? would that reduce rolling shutter?

    Also @LPowell, thanks for providing that link! I just got a used GH1 and just that simple page has fixed a lot of issues for me. :-) However, none of the links are provided for the initial thread where you originally posted those so I have no idea what the parameters for each are. If you got a sec, can you post some links to those original threads? doing a search for them in the forum just turns up a whole mess of unrelated posts.


  • @Galenb To find my original topic posts, click on my user name above, and then click the "Topics" button under LPowell.

  • Thanks LPowell. So is there are secret to reducing rolling shutter on the GH1? I'm just wondering because it seems really bad to me on this camera and I know I've seen footage where it wasn't this bad before. Any ideas?

  • @Galenb On the GH1, the only way to minimize rolling shutter is to avoid moving the camera too quickly. On the GH2, you can use ETC zoom mode to significantly reduce rolling shutter.