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Need help identifying this lens & mount!
  • OK, I'm wanting see if anyone can help me identify what lens mount this could be and if you know who possibly could have made it and its possible uses(would just be a bonus). It has no markings whatsoever except "lens made in France". It's a zoom and has 10blade aperture(no clicks), so i assume its a cine lens considering the age. It's black but seems to be made of brass. I'm thinking 16mm or super16mm.. not sure. Any help would be appreciated!

    3648 x 2056 - 2M
    3648 x 2056 - 2M
    3648 x 2056 - 2M
    3648 x 2056 - 2M
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  • Could be T2 Mount but can't really see

  • well ,the only threads on it are inside the barrel to the little plate that locks on the back. That second pic from the left shows the adapter plate that came with it. The plate slides inside the smooth barrel with groves near the rear element then you tighten the clamp down on it. Without that plate, it has a few really small screws around the base but no threads or flanges or anything to attach. Even with the plate it really has no groves or flanges or threads except inside the barrel near the element...

  • ok after spending many sleep deprived hours trying to identify my lens, I've landed on a possible mount, though the flange on the back doesnt seem to be deep enough.. but.. the Eyemo mount maybe? Still no idea on who manufactured it and not certain on the mount :( Just one of those ebay finds that felt like gold for my GH2 but now more and more like lead.

    Edit: nevermind, too small of a lens I think for eyemo mount

  • I'm thinking that you don't have an entire lens. You could be missing the mount, and even missing some glass. Can you get a good image from the lens?

  • Just holding it up to the camera without any mount it has a good image that i can tell, holding it still it seems to zoom correctly, focus and aperture works.. but you could be right about missing part of the mount. There is an attachment on the mount that you can see attached in the first pic and is removed in the second pic by loosening the screw bolt thingy. I'll post an image taken from the lens in a bit if i can manage it.

  • Okay, after stripping the threads on the slotted screws holding the exterior mount on i ended up just taking a drill to them, then unscrewed it off what I found to be threads below. This I believe is the actual mount for the lens and the other pieces something more specific to a type of camera? Either way, the threads are weird, m48 threads... holding it up to my GH2 it needs about a c-mount width adapter to focus properly, m42 would be wayy too wide.

    3648 x 2736 - 3M
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
    3648 x 2736 - 4M