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Lanparte shoulder base
  • Many guys wanted something that is compact and mounts directly over the shoulder.




    Will be on our deals very soon.

    720 x 439 - 46K
    720 x 480 - 51K
    720 x 480 - 61K
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  • If you live in China , you can try it also at BIRTV


    800 x 306 - 60K
  • This looks really cool - I'm definitely going to get one. I held out from buying a full on shoulder rig waiting for something like this to come out.

  • You can turn it into this:


  • WOW! I can't wait to see this on deals ...

  • Looks really good. Any specification on the weight?

  • This looks great. Very similar to the Tilta in terms of form and functionality, but with what looks like a better quick release system.

  • Just received my VMS-01 a great piece of kit. Very well made. Thank you again Vitaliy for making these deals possible.

  • @never

    Can you make short review? Video may be?

    As I think that it could definitely help many guys to hear some opinion.

  • I bought this to work in combination with the Sony VCT-14 quick release plate fixed to my tripod and to make a shoulder rig for the Sony fs700. I'm still awaiting delivery of the Sony. This mount fits perfectly with the Sony VCT-14 quick release plate.

    The new shoulder mount will allow me to mount the complete rig on my tripod and to move to shoulder mount easily.

    The Lanparte shoulder mount on its own it weighs 1.2 kg. and comes with a pair of 200mm x 15mm rods. The overall dimensions are approx 280 mm long (from outside edge of rail clamps). It is approximately 110mm wide at the shoulder pad, and is about 80mm from the base to top of camera plate.

    The camera plate is a good size well suited to a video camera (130mm x 55mm). Giving a firm stable mount. The whole mount is very tight - there is no looseness or rattles in any of the fittings.

    In Vitaliy's photos above you can see the quick release lever on the camera base just above the shoulder pad - it comes with a spring loaded locking button that ensures the lever cannot accidentally be released. Releasing the lever require moving the small locking button towards the tip of the lever to release the lock. This allows you to then push the lever across to release the camera plate.

    You can then slide the plate along the length of the mount at a range of positions extending about 45 mm either side of the centre point of the plate rail. In other words a range of 90mm movement to allow you to balance the camera on the rig.

    On the opposite side of the camera mount beside the the leveling bubble is a green spring loaded locking button as a secondary safety button that ensures that the mounting plate cannot be released out of the rail, even if the quick release level is released. It confines the plate to that 90mm range. Pressing in the green button allows you to remove the plate completely from the mount for changing cameras or dismantling your rig.

    The shoulder mount also has height adjustable rail clamps on the front and back with a range of movement of about 15mm (vertically) to allow the alignment of components on the rails.

    This piece of equipment is very well priced. It is a very well thought out design, with tight fitting well made components. I highly recommend it if you require this style of shoulder mount.