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FS: Isco Gottingen Anamorphotic 2x Focus with your lens only!
  • FS: a special gem, it's a huge one tho ;)

    Isco Gottingen Anamorphotic 2x (2.55 or 2.35 aspect ratio) This version does not have a focus ring, which means you will be able to focus with your prime (you will need diopters for close focus)

    The best thing is ofcourse that you'll be able to focus with your prime lens, and not both of the lenses, altho its huge, you will need a good adapter, rear diameter is 72mm. This one is very sharp, and has nice contrasts and flares ofcourse ;)

    Tested with 50mm and 40mm primes, 28mm works but with vignetting. In mint condition, Asking price 400 $ USD excl. Shipping, accepting offers!

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  • pics or it doesn't exist ;)

  • Did you test for vignetting on a GH2 (or other mFT) body?

  • Where are you located? If this is real I will take it. Email : mrpolaroid at gmail dot com

  • @bannedindv the netherlands is my whereabout at the moment, can ship worldwide!

    I tried to upload pictures, but the forum is not taking em in.

    This anamorphic does not have a focus scale, but you will need a big diopter to achieve closer focus than -2 meters, i will post the exact diameters asap

    40mm shows a REALLY Small vignette area (1-2mms of vignet), 50mm is clear 28mm is horrible.

    I testes this on both canon aps-c and gh2 with Carl zeiss.

    Best performer for this anamorphic is the helios 45/55.

    It weights about 1500 grams, and will need a rod support or a good adapter, i used my gini rig for this.

    Ill try to post some footage soon!


    Is the same optic, but this is a diffrent version.


  • recorded some sample data, im not sure how to show you guys how it's able to focus only with the prime, but i tried to make some photos showing it has no focus scale, also i did some pulling in the footage,

    note that i had to hold the anamorphic in front of the 50mm carl zeiss, therefor its really shitty and not stable and probaly not held correctly in order to achieve perfect straight anamorphic, sorry for that.

    Uploading atm ;)

  • If you can rack focus with this thing I am interested in buying it.

  • You can, but you will need a diopter/filterholder and ofcourse a adapter to your lens itself, ill try to upload some footage later today

  • No that one has a focus ring, i had that one aswell (sold it already) you will need to rack with both lenses.

    It is similair in size maybe a little bit smaller.

    I will post some pictures later today of the lens

  • @B3guy @Johnnym @Trumpetman @bannedindv @Sangye

    Pictures of the anamorphic Check out the front side of the lens, this is where normally the focus scale is used to be (see ad of Johnnym)

    I will try to upload some footage, the problem is i don't have a diopter here, so i can only show the footage as from focus range 2 meters - infinity

  • i just bought 3 anamorphic lenses, a schnieder 80mm and isco gottigen 90mm and a 2x as well for about £50

  • @sicovdplas - Is this still available?

  • @Spielbergo That's not the same lens as this one, there are trillions of Isco gottingen's on the market.

  • Still available?