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Panasonic GH2-NTSC to PAL
  • I live in South Africa, purchased my GH2 from the USA and only found out that it is ONLY NTSC filming, files and output, and need to know how to get it to film in PAL ie 50i and make PAL files and have PAL output? I thought that it was switchable between NTSC and PAL! But NO!

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  • Once you apply the hack you and pick between both NTSC and PAL by selecting pal or ntsc in the output display option in the menus.

  • 5 steps easy steps
    1 apply a patch.
    2 choose pal in menu.
    3 switch off the gh2.
    4 switch back on the gh2
    5 and now format the sd cart in th gh2...

  • OK thanks, BUT what hack, where do I get it from, and remember I want to film in PAL, the MTS files must be 50i and the output stream must be PAL

  • Hi Vitaliy, I went to the site, logged in, but I cannot go further, as I don't have the rights to continue!

    Thank you,

    Tony Mayall-tonymayallGH2

  • Why log in?

    The mode you are searching for is HBR mode. If in PAL, you'll shoot at 25FPS and in NTSC in 30FPS.

  • @tonymayallGH2

    Really, just look at FAQs, you don't need to edit it :-)

  • Hi Vitaliy, I have downloaded the hack file, downloaded Pana V1.1 for the GH2, ran the file(ptools3), opened V1.1, altered to make the output switchable, and ONLY the AVCHD 720 was there to set to 50i? I see that the pctools file is for the GH1, so what about the AVCHD 1080 settings for the GH2, will they be also automatically switched by the hack?

    Thank you, Tony Mayall

  • HBR will be 25 too.

  • Hi Nomad, I need to film 1080 at 50fps, 25fps does not give a smooth video? Thank you

  • GH2 does not deliver 1080 p50 only 1080 i50 or 1080 p25 or movie 1080p24. 720p50 is avalible for pal.

  • You can shoot 1080i50 and interpolate to 50p if needed with tools like Twixtor. It will never look as good as 24p, though.

    If you need 1080p50 at highest quality, look for another cam.

  • Gee Wiz, I attempted to write the hacked file to a formated SD card, and I get :Cannot copy GH2__V16: the parameter is incorrect, even trying to copy the unhacked bin file I get the same error, what am I doing wrong?

  • Thanks Vitality-Kiselev, the update hack was successful, I now have a GH2 that films giving 25fps MTS files, so it must be filming at 50i. I have deposited funds into your project support fund.

    Thank you again!

  • I just need a quick clarification. I switched my GH2 into PAL mode, with the Cake patch. If I go into HBR mode, is it shooting 25fps? Or do I switch to 24p Cinema mode to make it 25p?

  • HBR mode will give you 25fps. I would use the Flowmotion 2 patch - it's reliable but will give you excellent IQ

  • @tonymayall - 25p DOES give smooth video