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Nikon J2, J3, S1, S2 topic
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    Specifications and annoucments:

    • 10.1 Megapixel, CX-format (1") CMOS sensor
    • Expeed 3 image processor
    • Supports all CX-mount lenses (of which five are now available) with a 2.7X crop factor; optional F-mount adapter lets you use your regular Nikkor lenses
    • Same AF system as the original 1 System models
    • Body and mode dial now made from metal
    • 3-inch LCD display with 921,000 pixels (double the resolution of the J1)
    • Full manual controls with RAW support
    • Shutter speed range of 30 - 1/16000 sec
    • ISO range of 100 - 3200, expandable to 6400
    • Scene Auto Selector for the point-and-shoot crowd
    • Creative Mode offers panorama, selective color, miniature, backlighting (HDR), and other special effects
    • Continuous shooting remains at 10 fps with continuous AF, 60 fps without
    • Built-in flash (same as the J1)
    • Records Full HD at 30p or 60i with stereo sound (no manual controls)

    Available at:

    800 x 586 - 88K
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  • This is perfect for a collection of 16mm movie lenses..:-) If only Vitaliy would crack the firmware and get 25p and higher bitrates...

  • Has the video improved over previous versions or does it have the same moire/aliasing? 60fps continous shooting with AF seems like it could be a useful feature... Any info on how long it lasts?

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    The Nikon 1 J3 camera with the 10-30mm lens will be available in February 2013 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $599.95. Additionally, the Nikon 1 S1 camera with the 11-27.5mm lens will be available in February 2013 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $499.95. To match consumers’ personalities and creativity, the J3 will come in a variety of stylish colors including White, Black, Silver, Burgundy and Beige, while the S1 will come in White, Black, Red, Pink and Khaki.

    The two 1 NIKKOR lenses, the 1 NIKKOR VR 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 and 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100mm f/4-5.6, will have suggested retail prices (SRP) of $499.95 and $549.95

    See link below for PR and few more info

  • The Nikon 1 J3 is smaller and lighter than the J2 available in five different colours, with the small sensor size allowing for smaller lens. The sensor has been increased to 14.2 megapixels and achieves an amazing 60fps shooting, high speed video and full HD recording. The high speed sensor allows for a couple of features unique to the Nikon 1 series;"Motion snapshot", a combination of video and a photo, as well as Smart Photo Selector that chooses the best 5 photos from 30 taken at 30fps.

    Continuous shooting is excellent: 60fps at full resolution is generally unheard of except in high end video. Although it seems a shame that there is not the option to use the high speed shooting for other things, such as auto exposure bracketing. The camera features hybrid AF, with contrast and phase detection built into the sensor, and provides fast focusing. Image quality is very good, with great colour and detail, and noise performance is good up to ISO 1600.

  • Performance from the Nikon 1 J3 was surprisingly good. When turning on the camera, it is able to capture its first image in just 1.5 seconds. With the camera pre-focused, the shutter lag was almost instantaneous, capturing its image in less than 1/10 of a second. When allowing the AF system to work, the lightning fast hybrid AF ranged between 1/10 and 2/10 of a second, depending on the zoom, light etc. In single shot mode, the shot-to-shot delay without the flash came in just over 1 second at 1.04, while shooting with the flash is just a bit slower at 1.26 seconds. The J3's burst shooting was just as extraordinary. Our tests clocked the 5fps mode at 6.25fps, 15.33fps or the 15fps mode, 28.57fps for the 30fps mode and an even 50fps for the 60fps mode.


    Recording movies with the J3 is just as easy as capturing stills. Thanks to the dedicated video recording button, the camera is always ready to capture video, at least in most of the normal shooting modes. The camera also features a dedicated video recording mode that offers a much greater set of video recording settings. This gives you greater control, including several options for high-speed capture. A unique feature, not found on many cameras, is its ability to capture full quality still images while the camera is recording, without interrupting the video capture. During our tests the J3 did very well, providing us with excellent video quality.

    800 x 544 - 71K
  • Nikon S2


    • 14.2mp CMOS sensor
    • no touchscreen
    • 135 contrast detection and 73 phase-detect AF points
    • record 1080p60 video

    676 x 410 - 42K
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    The Nikon 1 S2 is one of the fastest shooting cameras available currently, if not the fastest, offering 20fps continuous shooting with auto-focus, as well as 60fps continuous shooting with fixed focus. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of shooting situations, such as sports or other action shots, but also makes it an ideal choice for anyone who simply wants to make sure they capture every moment.

    800 x 532 - 100K
  • Any firmware hack for nikon 1 j3?

  • @mikorf

    I do not know any, some guys did something with raw with Nikon 1 camera, you can search, as far as I know it is all discontinued.