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Does hacking with ptool permanently alter my GH2?
  • Hi.

    I know that the first post of the main topic is linked to to describe how to actually apply the ptool patch to your GH2 camera. But the one thing I can't quite figure out is whether the current hacking permanently alters our cameras or does it only apply the patch whenever we boot the camera with the file on the SDCARD. I'm used to hacking my 550d in which the camera boots into the hacked firmware whenever the hack is on the SDCARD. This is good as you can always get back to the stock camera, but a bit of a pain as you have to ensure the hack is present on all cards, and you can not format this card without reapplying the firmware hack files to it.

    So does ptool hack the camera permanently? If so can we revert to stock firmware?

    Finally, I'm sure I saw some mention of a mac version of ptool before the hack for the GH2 was released, now i see that the windows version is recommended to be used instead, is the mac version just not an option right now?

    Cheers, I'm just excited to try the hack at some point in the near future but I would just like to know exactly what i'm doing before i contemplate doing so.

    Awesome work, and I really start to like this forum for all the other informative posts, not just the incredible hacking progress.
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  • >So does ptool hack the camera permanently?

    You get stock firmware.
    Use ptool to apply patches.
    Flash resulting firmware to your camera.
    Of course, it'll replace old firmware.

    >If so can we revert to stock firmware?

    Do not apply any patches except Version increment.
    After flashing you are back to stock firmware.
  • Thanks Vitaliy. Having never officially updated the firmware (due to Panasonic not releasing any updates) I wasn't aware of how the firmware would be updated if they ever did release some. I'm guessing that's all that your hacked firmware instructions are doing. Pressing the button to update firmware. For some reason i presumed this was some extra feature of the hack.

    Oh well makes sense.

    To resort to stock firmware, as it requires version increment is it something that Panasonic would ultimately still be able to perhaps detect and hence invalidate your warranty?

    Great work, i can't wait to see what people are able to get out of it with the new ptool.

  • @jimtreats

    May be it is best not to use ptool as you are asking such questions?
    what do you think?
  • Maybe Vitaliy, maybe...

    But the potential improvements seen already are just so enticing. It's only the 3 year warranty (rare amongst the other cameras) that is nice to have. I'm just trying to assess risk is all, versus magic lantern's.

    I'll let you get on with your work and keep an eye on things, but i expect i will be trying the hack in a few days/weeks, warranty be damned!! :)
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