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AATranslator: Conversion Tool Adds Video Capabilities - Help Make Them Better!
  • EDIT 1: If you are Vegas user thinking about exporting to DaVinci Resolve, you should definitely read this.

    EDIT 2: If anyone has a FCP 7 exported XML 5 file or a DaVinci Resolve 8.2 XML file they could post so I could try to look at syntax differences vs. the current XML, it would be much appreciated. If you are interested in seeing the features below implemented so that you can buy the software,

    Michael at has been kind enough to spend a lot of time recently working on getting better FCP XML conversion capabilities into AATranslater (his relatively inexpensive conversion program for audio that is expanding to include video). If the conversion process worked properly, it would allow a lot very helpful things to happen.

    • The ability to take Sony Vegas Pro sessions in and out of Resolve the way the FCP 7 users can currently do (via FCP XML).
    • Improved export from Sony Vegas Pro to FCP 7 or Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
    • He has talked about possible FCP X support.

    And there are of course many others. I am not affiliated with Michael's company but if the conversion starts working, I will of course buy myself a copy of the software (because the process to get Vegas files into DaVinci Resolve is insanely difficult at the moment, even with the intermediate use of programs like Adobe Premiere to try and convert the AAF files to be more readable, etc.) When I say the workflow without this tool is insanely difficult, I mean over 30 man-hours this week alone on the problem and still have not solved in a satisfactory fashion after 2 weeks.

    Here are some of the reasons why a converter like this would help. - Sony Vegas Pro 11 AAF files will not open in DaVinci Resolve 8.2. - Sony Vegas Pro 11 EDL files will not open in DaVinci Resolve 8.2. - Sony Vegas Pro 11 EDL files will not open in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. - Sony Vegas Pro 11 AAF files that can open close to perfectly back into Sony Vegas, may have major issues in Adobe Premiere CS6. - The AAT Sony Vegas Pro XML import and export scripts (potentially) allow more information to come out of Vegas than an AAF file (current issues seem limited to BIN support and sub-clip support).

    But at the moment we are hitting several challenges and so I would like to ask for help, both in providing additional files and in looking at the ones below.

    The attached "AAT XMLfiles for PV - v1" ZIP file contains two files.

    The "VP11 AAT XML v1" file is the XML output from Vegas using a custom AAT script.

    The "AAT XML to AAT to FCP XML - v1" file was created by parsing that script through the converter at the moment (note that the program has not been designed for this sort of conversion and will have to be re-written to work properly).

    If you have FCP 7 XML 5 exported files or similar DaVinci Resolve 8.2 files that you can upload for analysis, it would be appreciated. Or if you can look at the AAT FCP XML file below to find out things like why it will open in Premiere Pro CS 4.0.1 but not CS 6.0, it would also be appreciated.

    Here's hoping Michael can create a conversion tool that would make life a lot easier, and thanks in advance for your help!

    'Update 2012-07-30 01:02AM' - The resolution mismatch has now been fixed. - The CS6 "hanging" issue from a direct import (vs CS4 importing mostly correctly) is being looked at.

    AAT XMLfiles for PV -
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  • Any Development on this topic? getting the cuts form vegas to davinci is not possible to me right now.. so I would like to hear about possible ways :)

  • Work is continuing and the exports are getting better every day. FCP XML files still are not properly handling fades but hopefully that can be addressed soon.