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  • Dan Dennedy, the primary author of MLT (the Media Lovin' Toolkit) recently revealed that he is working on yet another free, open-source non-linear video editor called "Shotcut":

    As of today, Shotcut is in a very early development stage not doing much beyond playing files.

    I must say that I really wonder why Dan decided to start yet another editor based on MLT, given that at least three other NLE's are already based on his MLT framework (kdenlive, OpenShot and Flowblade). But he did not say what he was missing from those existing editors... ;-)

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  • Hi, I've tried 11.2014 version. It's quite good and well thinked. And there is a Windows version ! Mine crashes sometimes. I hope it will be improved with Win64 build.

  • First win 64bits build is out !

  • Shotcut has really come a long way - it's no longer just an experiment. Its list of features is already impressively long, and I'll certainly have another look at it - even though I'm quite happy with kdenlive for the moment - and kdenlive has also resumed to be actively developed.

    Funny enough, both Shotcut and kdenlive are now based on Qt5 in their latest versions... so more similarities :-)

    The idea of Den to use HTML5 for title clip creation might be a clever move to avoid the hardship of having to implement a title editor of its own (like kdenlive had to).