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FF on Panasonic lenses with variable focus speed/change ratio
  • I just got my first FF and found out something that didn't bother me before. On Panasonic standard lenses focus distance change varies with the speed the focus ring is moved. So there is no point in putting some marks on FF and then trying to create repeatable focus movement. I have seen some references to this problem but is there some workaround?

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  • There is no workaround yet. What you can do is to mount an external screen, put display protection onto it. Then glue some small colored adhesive strips on top to mark the focus points.

  • @Meierhans - That's good advice. I've tried that and had some success. Although, I haven't run this tecnique by my first ac. She'd probably bat that lens right off. I say, whaddeva woiks!

  • Lumix lenses are not well-suited for use with follow-focus gears. Here's a link to a detailed review of video-friendly lenses for the GH2:

  • ( @Vitaliy_Kiselev and others) What about a basic lens(?) firmware hack that only changes the focus ring response to a fixed ratio?

    There are some lens firmware updates to various Panasonic and Olympus lenses.

    Or is this part still handled by the camera firmware?