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50mm Canon c-mount SOLD - (feel free to remove)
  • 85mm L SOLD (jpg straight out of the gh2)

    1920 x 1080 - 213K
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  • I also have my trusted tv-16 50mm canon c-mount on e-bay: I put the buy it now pretty high (relatively though, it's a rare lens that is absolutely great for m43), feel free to pm me here for offers!

  • Still got the c-mount. Should have a happy future owner somewhere? If you remember this:

    I shot "the bridge" with it.. Great for talking heads. PM and I´ll link a case of point. Less contrasty than the fd´s and very sharp.

    I´m letting someone else have it because I have a bunch of new stuff to make use of.

  • Does it work without vigneting in "normal mode" ? or it must be used on ETC mode ? (jag är intresserad) ...

  • It does work without vignetting! :) (w/o ETC)

    (ge mig ett bud!)

  • C´mon, this is way too good a lens to gather dust at my place..! Feel free to ask any question about it and I promise to answer as truthfully as I can. If you are interested and without a m43 adapter; give me your best offer and I might throw it in on the deal. And remember, ignore those e-bay shipping quotes.

  • P-V member offer (A steal, no doubt); 250 usd including shipping to anywhere in europe and metabones c-mount to m43 adapter.

    This lens shouldn´t be disregarded as a possible investment for the future either; there is a whole lineup of these tv-16 (f 1.4) canons that could all be used on a small sensor cinema camera. (the smaller focal lengths wont work on m43 sensors without vignetting though!) The handling size is much better than most bolex lenses, and optical quality is great..

  • Still no takers?

  • some pictures were nice

  • Thanks! To make it clear, the lens for sale here was used to shoot "bridge", which I think is the fourth clip in the above video.. I´ve used it many times for talking heads (interviews) / half-body shots (documentations) w. relatively shallow DOF and the lens really shines for such things, but also - as you can see - for undistorted, sharp landscapes / overview shots from a distance.

  • i´ve meant pics of lens itself.

  • @rheinpirat

    So sorry! I had links there before; hence the misunderstanding..

    Here it is. (I can take/send some more if there´s a genuine interest)

    The filter thread is an odd one, not sure if it´s 40mm or 40,5 – I never got around to attaching a filter to it.

    1590 x 988 - 291K
  • update:

    If somebody has a 25mm f1.4 canon tv-16 lens, maybe you are interested in a trade? (whichever way) Or: if someone is interested in trading something for this, let me know. I´d be interested in an 85mm jupiter-9, among other things. :)

  • Bump, Maybe someone interested in adding this to a set for the upcoming pocket cinema camera? :)

  • Interested in trading for one of my modified Rainbow Zoom lenses?

  • Is that an adapter on it in the shot? I'd like to judge the size (or can you just tell it)?

  • It´s the metabones c-mount / m43 adapter in the shot. I can´t get a reference shot right now; and I can´t seem to find one either! I´ll see what I can do over the next few days!

  • Where are you shipping from and would this be PayPal?

  • Sorry, the Lens is sold!

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